Get Google to Notice Your Ideas

    December 31, 2008
    Chris Crum

Google is calling for your ideas for new product features for Google Mobile. They recently set up a Product Ideas page built on Google Moderator that allows users to submit ideas and vote others up and down.

"From this we’ll be able to see more clearly what’s important to you and we’ll take it into consideration as we move forward with developing our products," says a post from the Product Ideas Team. "The Product Ideas team will pop in from time to time to see what you have to say, and we’ll be offering periodic updates on what we see and what ideas make it into your favorite products in our Product Ideas blog."

Google Mobile Product Ideas Page

Some of the top ideas at the time of this writing include:

– Cache map data for Google Maps for a small area around a person’s current location

– Manage Google Calendar on Google Mobile

– A "Google Product Ideas" page for all Google services, and

– An application that speaks the driving directions in Google maps

Google acknowledges that they pay attention to ideas left in comments on their blog posts and in forums, but the product ideas page should nevertheless provide a good way for them to see which ones are really in demand, and could potentially better serve to get them to come to fruition.