Get FREE PDF files from the Internet!”

    March 9, 2001

Here’s a great tip to get access to millions of PDF files on the Internet, about virtually any topic you can think off.

PDF files, or Portable Document Files, can be viewed from both Mac’s and PC’s. You’ll need Adobe’s PDF software to view the files. It’s FREE and you can get a free copy at:

First thing you have to do is log in at:

Once there, you should perform a search for the keywords “email marketing.” Narrow your search of PDF files by adding the phrase “inurl:pdf” (without quotation marks).

For example: “email marketing” inurl:pdf

Click go, and soon you’ll be presented with thousands of various PDF files to view or browse, each one with a short description of the presented file.

Some PDF-files will not be what you’re looking for, but I’m sure you’ll find some files you’ll learn something from.

You can also enter a different search in the search box. Just change the term between the quotation marks. It’s up to you to decide what your interests are.

Happy browsing :-)

* This tip was brought to you by Dirk Dupon

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