Gannett Appoints New CDO

    January 14, 2008

You might imagine that more than a couple of companies have tossed the title of Chief Digital Officer at some random young guy.  Gannett Co. seems to have thought things through, however, and it’s given the position to Chris Saridakis, the CEO of PointRoll.Gannett Appoints New CDO

No corporate poaching took place in this transfer; PointRoll, a media solutions business, is owned by Gannett.  This closeness should, in addition to avoiding bad feelings, lend Saridakis an instant familiarity with the company’s operations.

Craig Dubow, the chairman, president, and CEO of Gannett, certainly seems to have confidence in his new CDO.  "He will use his talent and ability to move rapidly in further developing Gannett into a digital powerhouse," Dubow said in a statement.

But aside from word of a couple of other personnel shifts, that’s all the news out of Gannett today; there were no hints as to what Saridakis will do with his title, in other words.

Still, Gannett is behind 85 daily newspapers, and has a market cap of $7.89 billion, so whatever happens, it’ll be worth watching.