Game Developing Pros And Cons

    July 25, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Game Developer magazine has published its 2005 Game Career Guide. Some in the industry would consider a game career warning guide a better choice.

Game Developer announced the publication of the 2005 Game Career Guide. It is available at newsstands and bookstores or via digital download.

The CMP-published Guide discusses independent game companies, days in the lives of programmers, artists, and coders, and tips on getting a job in the game industry.

Another side to the game industry exists, one created by mass consolidation of game studios and the growth of one company into a Microsoft-like technology behemoth. Industry leader Electronic Arts has been criticized in several places for its treatment of employees.

One now-famed online blog, that of ea_spouse located on the Live Journal site, talks about the effects of the “crunch”:

“Every step of the way, the project remained on schedule. Crunching neither accelerated this nor slowed it down; its effect on the actual product was not measurable. The extended hours were deliberate and planned; the management knew what they were doing as they did it.”

The Wall Street Journal wrote about one former EA employee filed what has become a class action suit against the company last July, claiming it owed employees overtime pay. The litigation is still making its way through the legal system in California.

For people interested in making games their vocation as well as their avocation, be sure to learn more about a prospective employer before signing a job offer. Talk to other developers who work at a firm, and be very wary of any hiring manager who won’t allow that to take place.

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