Forum Nokias Carbide.c++ Express

    February 23, 2006

Forum Nokia posted a new development tool, Carbide.c++ Express, targeting Symbian OS C++ development. The first in a family of Eclipse-based development tools is a free tool for non-commercial mobile application development.

In the past, the only free development environment for non-commercial developers had been the command line tools. This will give many different groups access to a more modern and potent IDE for the Symbian OS development.

The Nokia Forum said this about their new tool:

The tool quickly guides the newcomer though all the steps required to write, build, and deploy a Symbian OS application on a mobile phone. Developers with experience working in an Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) will feel right at home, and experienced Symbian programmers will be able to put their skills to work right away. Skills and projects developed today will apply to forthcoming tools designed with advanced features.

For folks more interested in downloading this new tool, it’s available for download and questions can be answered in the discussion threads.

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