Former Jane Editor Joins Yahoo

    December 18, 2007

It seems that, at least once a week, some important person has been leaving some major search company.  Unique article intros are getting hard to come by.  For both her sake and ours, then, we’re happy to hear that Brandon Holley, the former editor of Jane magazine, has begun work at Yahoo.Former Jane Editory Joins Yahoo

There are some reasons to raise an eyebrow; according to Lucia Moses, "a Yahoo spokesperson confirmed that she has oversight for Yahoo’s food, health, astrology, tech and green editorial content and is expected to oversee forthcoming launches in other content areas."  Like, say, geography and basket weaving?

Also, as we noted earlier, it’s strange to see someone going into Yahoo instead of coming out of it, and only a Christmas miracle could turn this one development into a genuine recovery.

Still, it’s better to have an odd job than none at all, and Yahoo fans aren’t likely to question anything that might slow the company’s slide.

Furthermore, Holley appears to have a fan base cheering her on – Faran Krentcil writes, "It’s no secret that everyone at Fashionista loved Jane and ELLEgirl – we’ll be watching the Yahoo pages in hopes that some of the same spirit comes through."