Ford Manipulates Forum Posts To Promote Mariner

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If nine out of ten people prefer cookies over rice cakes, gum over chewing tobacco, or champagne over sulfuric acid, haven’t you always wondered who the oddballs are?  Well, Ford’s found them, and is now using their online forum posts to promote the Mercury Mariner.

Ford Manipulates Forum Posts To Promote Mariner
Ford Manipulates Forum Posts To Promote Mariner

Granted, this matter doesn’t involve “taste” in a food-related sense, but the same concept applies.  And, although we’ve noticed questionable online reviews in the past, Ford’s tendency to pick and choose the ones that suit its needs is even more troubling.  Jalopnik’s Ray Wert broke the story.

“We just got the latest press missive from Ford on the 2008 Mercury Mariner in both hybrid and non-hybrid flavors,” he begins, noting that the release included “supposed owner comments culled from the posts of consumer auto-site forums.

“As you can expect,” Wert continues, “the remarks provide glowing recommendations on the ‘08 Mercury mini-SUV using words like ‘best,’ ‘love’ and the always forum fan fave of ‘WOW!’  All of this gushing got us wondering whether every Mariner forum post on the consumer auto sites is filled with gushing car-love.”

Wert then reveals, “It turns out that’s not the case.  We were able to come up with some forum posts that seem to indicate maybe the Mariner isn’t ‘A HIT’ with every online consumer.”  Stories involving cheap materials, noisy brakes, and poor ergonomics follow.

Ford’s marketing approach is rather underhanded; it’s also extremely pathetic.  Couldn’t the company find someone with more credibility than “Ex-Toyota Driver on www.autos.msn.com” to compliment its vehicle?  Ford, I think you’ve got a little sulfuric acid on your chin.

Ford Manipulates Forum Posts To Promote Mariner
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  • http://www.vanax.nl vanax Webdesign

    LOL nice one Ford
    always use forum posts for a sneaky marketing campain

  • T Miller

    It’s not like Ford is doing anything new. Movie distributors/producers/studios have been doing it. Like quoting a review from a famous newspaper as just “WOW” but leaving off the “did THAT suck!” part. I’d call Ford a latecomer…creative, though.

  • incicyWaync

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