For Whom The Bell Tolls At Yahoo

    February 12, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Yahoo’s plans to cut 1,000 jobs in mid-February appear to have started at the company today.

One semi-prominent name has made the rounds as being found excess to company requirements. Amid the headcount trimming, search marketing VP Todd Daum has been cited as one of the first to be sent off from Yahoo.

For Whom The Bell Tolls At Yahoo

Valleywag said Daum was based in Burbank rather than the corporate mothership in Sunnyvale. If the firings are on in earnest, we think other Yahoos in southern California are hitting the printers with their resumes if they have not already.

No matter if they are in Silicon Valley or Santa Monica, there is a good chance someone out there would like to chat with incumbent Yahoos about their future job prospects. Why wait around to become part of Microsoft when a rescue could be at hand?

Dow Jones said recruiters redoubled their efforts to find Yahoo staffers who want out, even as some of them seek other employment.

The report cited a recruiter who called the rising interest in Yahoo employees “a feeding frenzy.” It seems if someone with the right skill set would prefer not to stick around Yahoo, plenty of exit opportunities exist.