First Twitter, Then Beer Collection Agencies

    November 12, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

I suppose to some people promising a beer is like tossing up a "how’s it going" in the elevator. But for others, it’s nothing to be so flippant about, which is why there needs to be a way to keep track of all the beer owed to people.

I use the phrase "needs to be" in the loosest of senses, but I’m not an idle beer promiser, so I can appreciate a widget that uses the Twitter platform to keep track of beer IOUs.

And it appears that others appreciate it enough to use it. Last check, Foamee was unprepared for the rush to the bar.

Here’s how it works: Foamee asks "Do you owe someone a beer?" Or the reverse, "Does someone owe you a beer?" The widget helps you keep track of your beer debits and credits.

Dan Cederholm, Foamee creator (who looks exactly like this Wisconsin giant I knew in Japan), says not to worry. This isn’t yet another social network.

He writes:

Dan Cederholm

If you’re already on Twitter, using Foamee is as easy as following ioubeer, then using specific syntax to announce an I.O.U. Beer to the world. We’ll repost these virtual pats-on-the-back, and also create a people page for anyone that sends a beer. Your people page will show who you owe, and who owes you. The sender or receiver also has the option of “redeeming” an I.O.U. via a direct message to Foamee, completing the deal.

And there you have it. No more beer deadbeats.