First Comcast, Now Cox Busted ‘Managing’ Traffic

    November 19, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Comcast’s BitTorrent snafu set off another investigation of a cable provider and yielded similar results. This time it’s Cox’s interference with file-sharing service eDonkey setting Net Neutrality alarms.

DSL Reports notes, though, this infraction isn’t getting much attention, perhaps because Cox isn’t being quite as secretive about its packet-shaping practices. Or maybe it’s because we’re coming up on the Thanksgiving holiday.

The same person to bust Comcast’s blocking of BitTorrent traffic was called upon to test Cox’s system, and sure enough, he concluded with "conclusive proof" that eDonkey was getting the same treatment.

Cox issued a statement, describing it not as "discrimination" against traffic, but "management":

To ensure the best possible online experience for our customers, Cox actively manages network traffic through a variety of methods including traffic prioritization and protocol filtering. Cox does not prohibit the use of file-sharing services for uploads or downloads, or discriminate against any specific services in any way.

Nevertheless, Net Neutrality advocates will be filing the incident away in their arsenal to support the necessity of regulation of telecommunication and cable companies to prevent them from interfering with the public’s open use of the Internet.