Firefox Hits New Market Share High

    November 4, 2008

Assuming we don’t get into a 2000-style miscount mess, a lot of people are going to spend tonight celebrating the results of the presidential election.  But (independent of their politics) Mozilla employees may not; they’ll likely be tuckered out due to already celebrating a big Firefox achievement in terms of market share.

According to the newest data from Net Applications, Firefox hit the 20 percent point twice during October.  A post on Mozilla’s Blog of Metrics notes that this is the first time its market share has ever gone so high, and since the first and fourth weeks were the kind ones, it seems like the browser has the ability to stay in the range.

This corresponds to a real march of progress on Firefox’s part; it’s gone pretty steadily from a market share of 16.80 percent in December all the way to where it sits now.  The development can also be taken as a sign that the introduction of Google Chrome didn’t do much damage.

Meanwhile, Internet Explorer is continuing something of a slide.  Net Applications puts its October market share at 71.27 percent, while to look back at December once more, 76.04 percent was where IE used to rest.

Don’t be too shocked if the top two browsers continue to approach each other in the months ahead.