File Sharing with FriendFeed Now Possible

    June 24, 2009
    Chris Crum

Friendfeed announced today that it has added a feature, which allows users to share files. Previously, users were able to upload photos, but now other documents like PDFs and spreadsheets can be shared.

"This has been an especially popular request from organizations and companies that collaborate using FriendFeed groups," says Dan Hsiao on the FriendFeed Blog. "We’ve certainly been using this feature internally and have found it extremely useful. We hope it’ll help make you and your collaborators even more productive, and a little more attached to FriendFeed."

File sharing with FriendFeed

To use the feature, just click the "files" link underneath the post box and select the fiels you want to include. Another convenient way to use the feature is to include files as attachments on emails sent to, which posts to your feed right from your email program.

FriendFeed by Email

In addition, FriendFeed allows you to post to a group by emailing or direct message somebody by emailing

The new file-sharing capabilities are sure to be much appreciated by the FriendFeed user base. I wonder if the feature will get abused.