Feedster Introduces List of Top 500 Blogs

    August 16, 2005

With the exploding popularity of all things blogs, keeping track of which ones are the most popular can be difficult task. It’s been estimated that there are 30-80 thousand new blogs created daily, with 500-900 thousand* new posts being made as well. With this bulk of information being delivered daily, finding which blogs are considered popular, unless you have a list to guide you.

With that in mind, Feedster just introduced the Feedster Top 500 list, which measures just what it says it does: the top 500 blogs in terms of popularity. According to their press release, Feedster measure popularity by:

…taking into account factors such as the number of inbound links over time; if the blog has been recently updated; and the elimination of obvious non-blogs that have appeared on other top-blog lists.

Using these methods, Feedster derives its list, which is refreshed monthly. The list available to users now currently has the following top 10:

1. Engadget (54,380 links)

2. deviantART.com (53,788 links)

3. Boing Boing (36,229 links)

4. Albino Blacksheep (27,898 links)

5. Daily Kos (23,150 links)

6. The News is NowPublic.com (18,593 links)

7. Fleshbot (14,876 links)

8. Gizmodo (13,616 links)

9. Michelle Malkin (11,613 links)

10. PostSecret (11,355 links)

However, some have taken issue with Feedster’s ranking methods. In Danny’s write-up, he seems to take issue with the SearchEngineWatch blog not being present and not because of egotistical reasons, either. It seems Feedster may be having some indexing issues with SEW and because of that, may not represent recently sold property as well as it should be. Read Danny’s post for further explanations.

*These numbers were taken from a recent Mark Cuban BlogMaverick post.

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