Feedster Dines On New VC Funding

    September 7, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The RSS and blog search engine may gain a Japanese flavor as the company receives funding from Mitsui and Company.

Feedster announced it has picked up an undisclosed amount of money from Mitsui. Feedster generated a bit of a dustup recently when it released the Feedster 500, a list of the top blogs that managed to omit a number of influential ones. They plan to correct the more glaring omissions the next time they make their list.

“We will expand their business horizon in cooperation with our existing e-marketing services, and leverage our assets to enhance the corporate value of Feedster,” said Katsuhiko Oizumi, GM of Mitsui’s Internet service and marketing department, in a statement.

Mitsui has a history of adapting the U.S. technology it invests in and utilizing it in Japan. Previous investments in Bigfoot and FindWhat have led the company to deploy marketing and pay-per-click initiatives there.

Japan has a growing interest in blogs. Feedster observes that about 3.35 million bloggers reside in Japan, and some 16.5 million of them read blogs. That has led Feedster to conclude its proprietary blog and RSS search engines will ride the crest of growing interest as those numbers double in the next two years.

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