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    November 27, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

First up is

Greg Jarboe (interesting guy to listen to)

Suggests to never optimize for just one word.

Stresses that blog coverage will bring much more online traffic than PR releases, though that blog coverage will/might be a result of the PR release.

One of his blog articles brought 30x more traffic than the article sent as a press release

Next up is

Amanda Watlington

Suggests writing good (descriptive) feed descriptions

Make sure to implement keyword rich titles. She stresses that every feed must have a keyword theme in it
Take advantage of MySpace as all of those pages are searchable

Talks about SecondLife and how it’s a good place to effect people’s behavior in real life. Lot’s of advertising being done there.

Next up

Todd Malicoat (informative)

Suggests Digg and Netscape as a linkbaiting place

He says that to succeed with Digg make sure your story gets dugg by others within 24 hour period. Simply yell to your friends on Digg. Someone mentioned that 30-50 votes are needed within 24 hours to get on the first page of Digg
Points out that DIgg.com does not give any link juice.

Gave an example of one of his posts that got dugg 1000 times and in results gave him around 1,500 incoming links

Stresses that “you won’t get by with garbage”

Vote for your friends articles

Next up

Greg Hartnett

Recommends submitting to quality directories (Note: He is the owner of Best Of The Web directory)

Suggests adding pictures to Flickr and assigning keywords to your pictures

Shares a funny video of his son playing (fighting) during a junior hockey game.

Greg acknowledges that he made a mistake of not placing his URL at the end of the video as the last frame. Could have gotten traffic from all the views

Google video allows to place a link to a website and thus it brought him more traffic than YouTube.

Points out that being one of the first ones to comment on a post in blogs is a good strategy

Use StumbleUpon’s advertising option. It worked for him

Suggests joining Flickr groups. Add keywords, notes, tags, etc.



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