Family Guy Freakin Podcast!

    November 4, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Evil genius baby that plots to kill his mother. Sophisticated talking dog who often reverts to dog-like tendencies. Really stupid fat man. Ahhhh, Family Guy, you make my heart sing. And now you have a podcast to complement your weblog. Holy freakin’ crap, I never get to write about this stuff at work! Thank you, Seth MacFarlane.

The producers of the hit Fox show Family Guy (and public enemy number one of the Parents Television Council) announced they will be producing podcasts to give “a deeper understanding of the kind of inner workings it takes to bring a great show every week.”

As mentioned on the Family Guy Freakn’ Blog!, that the podcasts will be available through iTunes.

“I don’t actually know what a podcast is but it sounds SEXY!” says Family Guy guy, Dan Povenmire, who provides a preview of Peter’s assault on the FCC in a forthcoming episode.