Facebook’s “Skip This Step” Button Disappears

    July 23, 2007

Facebook users are a vocal crowd, and the latest outcry occurred when the social network tried to trace connections between them.  According to company reps, it was only a glitch, and everything is now back to the way it was.

“The way it was”: when confirming a friendship, users would be asked how they knew the person – from school, work, etc. – but were also given the option of moving on without checking any box.  It was when the “skip this step” button disappeared that Facebook’s problems began.

“[I]f Google was the Database of Intentions and Facebook is the Database of Connections, then Facebook’s value is maximized if Facebook knows the nature of every single relationship within its database,” reasoned Ashkan Karbasfrooshan.

But lots of people, including Fred Wilson, Pete Cashmore, Chuq von Rospach, and Ouriel Ohayon didn’t much care about Facebook’s value.  “This combined with the facebook spam that’s taking over my email inbox is getting me damn close to leaving the service entirely,” wrote Wilson.

In Mashable’s “Comments” section, Blake Ross (who joined Facebook during the Parakey acquisition) put matters into a slightly different light.  “This is a bug that will be fixed soon,” he assured readers.  “Trust me, we find this as annoying as you do :)”

And now the problem is indeed resolved, and yet another Facebook uprising appears to have been quelled.  Whew.