Facebook’s Extended Growth Spurt Still Going On

    March 13, 2009

The phrase "growing like a weed" really only applies to Facebook if you say it with the plant from "Little Shop of Horrors" in mind.  New Hitwise stats once again prove that the social network is attracting users at an incredible rate.

Facebook’s catching up to MySpace in two important respects.  First, as a press release stated, "U.S. visits to Facebook increased 149 percent in February 2009 compared with February 2008.  The site received the second-highest market share of U.S. visits for the month, with 36.03 percent."

Facebook Social Network Growth

MySpace, meanwhile, lost market share during the same period, and the only other network tied to an impressive number (Tagged – 280 percent) is tiny.

Then, although "MySpace had the highest average time spent among the top five most visited social networking Web sites, with 29 minutes and 38 seconds," it suffered a year-over-year drop of two percent, and Facebook gained six percent (which brought its U.S. users’ average time spent to 22:12).

Finally, if you’re interested in the typical ages of the social networks’ users, Facebook’s audience is getting older, with percentage increases in every category except for the 18-24 age group.  MySpace’s user base is pretty stable and skews a little younger.