Facebook Wants You To Get Your Family Involved

    March 26, 2009
    Chris Crum

Facebook now has a landing page for users to send to their families as invitations to a group. It comes in the form of a web form with your family’s name filled out as the name of the group.

It then asks you to invite your family members who are on Facebook to participate, then gives you more places to fill in emails of family members who aren’t on Facebook.

Facebook Family

This is probably a smart move on Facebook’s part, because older people are a quickly growing demographic on the service, and this could boost that even more. Like Sarah Perez at Read Write Web says, they’re going after Grandma and Grandpa, now that they have Mom and Dad.

The inclusion of the family photo on the landing page is a nice touch. It could actually hint at the possibilities of the service for those who don’t even know what a "social network" is.

Nick O’Neill at AllFacebook suggests that Facebook appears to have it out for family apps. He writes:

The We’re related application has become one of the most popular applications on Facebook although over the past couple weeks it has appeared to suffer a slight decrease in popularity.

In terms of daily active users, the application has dropped from over 1.2 million daily active users to approximately 770,000 users. While that could have been partially due to the Facebook redesign, I’m guessing that there are other factors involved. What’s not clear is why Facebook is promoting groups for families when it’s clear that there are applications that have been built for this purpose.

I don’t know if Facebook has it out for the apps. From what I’ve seen Facebook has been quite encouraging of applications in general, even catering to ones involving competitor Twitter. I think Facebook just sees an opportunity to get a whole lot more people signed-up. And that’s not limited to just older people.