Facebook Users Split on Redesign

In the End, They Won't Have a Choice

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If you’re a Facebook user, you’ve no doubt checked out their redesign, which is optional at this point. Some love it, and some hate it. Compete has analyzed the amount of New Facebook users taking advantage of it when compared with those that ditched it in favor of the old design.

Facebook Re-design - Compete

The really interesting thing  to note as Becky Bitzenhofer points out on the Compete blog is that Facebook is not forcing it upon its users all it once. "For those of you that don’t recall, in Sept. 2006 Facebook suddenly unveiled its ‘mini feed’, which shocked and scared off many of its users with its openness and seemingly invasion of privacy," writes Bitzenhofer. "This time around, Facebook is letting its users get accustomed to the new style at their own pace, as well as allowing them to provide feedback regarding the new design."

Still, those who dismissed the new design immediately without truly testing the waters may be in for an unpleasant experience, as the new version becomes the version this fall. It is even possible that the redesign will drive some users away. Some people hate it (like Bitzenhofer’s boyfriend, for example).

On the other hand, the cleaner look might appeal to more people in the long run and even attract new users. Either way, it should be interesting to see the market share numbers post redesign.

Facebook Users Split on Redesign
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  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Gareth – Design

    I like the new ‘design’ but what is there to like? Its not radically different to the ‘old’ look.

    • Guest

      i appreciate the fact i do not have to load all the applications on someone elses page just to leave a message or note on their wall… the new design is more friendlier for usage.

      as for the ratio for users changing to the new look…. it could be they re web illiterate.  i have had to explain to many friends where the new look link was because some people just dont look for that stuff.  i just happened to notice it when it first came out.

      Maybe FB should send out a notice on everyones feed board and let them know of the new look.

  • http://www.creativejohnny.com johnny rodriguez

    I don’t like the new design at all it just seems like they moved everything around its not even really a new design

  • http://www.endurefort.com Michael

    Initially, I did NOT like the new look. After a couple of days however, it started to grow on me. It is human nature to dislike change. Change even good change is difficult to most of us.


    • Chris Crum

      I think there’s definitely something to that. Users that stick around despite being unhappy with the new design, will probably forget about the old one after a little while anyway.

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Debbie Morgan

    I primarily use FaceBook to raise awareness for my safety and security products and unfortunately I have a dial-up connection so I’m glad the Super Wall has been moved. With the old style, profiles with a Super Wall that had lots of "STUFF" on them took forever to load but now, with the new design I don’t have to go to the Super Wall unless I want to.

    However, I’ve noticed glitches with the new system that weren’t there before. For example, I received a friend request yesterday and when I went to approve it, it wasn’t there. That’s not something I enjoy!

  • http://www.worryfreeonlineshopping.webs.com Martha

    Facebook design is nothing compared to what you can do with Friendster and Myspace. Facebook is an online networking organization that all you do is limitted. It is like selling a car inside a prison. People who use Facebook is either do not know Friendster or having their Friendster account for years and just want to try new websites.

  • Katie

    Figures can’t lie but liars can figure.


    It just so happened that I was switched to the new facebook without warning before the date of switching and was not given the option to switch back.  Most of the people on facebook prefer the older facebook‘s design and easy access.  Sites try to make their designs more high tech and interesting but they just end up making them complicated and an annoyance.  If facebook were smart it would offer the option that myspace does where individual users can pick from a variety of layouts.  I’m hopeful that they will change as I see their choice to change everyone’s layout does not fall under the constraints of ‘pleasing the customer’ (which any user of the site is).  Facebook is basically saying "We can do what we want and you’ll have to come back" (that is until someone is smart enough to build another college-age social network site…).

  • http://6.dot.ch Lee

    This is the worst thing that Facebook have done. Moving onward to "Web2.0" when its already at Web2.0…

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