Facebook Rolls Out Real-Time Streams

    May 4, 2009
    Chris Crum

Facebook has started rolling out real real-time updates today. If you are not seeing them yet, don’t freak out. You’ll get them soon enough.

"We’ve always focused the stream on real-time updates, but before today you needed to refresh your browser to see the most recent posts since logging in," explains Adam Hupp at the Facebook Blog. "The stream now updates automatically and gives you the option to view new posts with a prompt at the top of the page immediately below the Publisher."

Real Time Streams in Facebook

You can click on the link that says "Show X new Posts," and the posts will be expanded into your stream.

Real Time Streams in Facebook

Hupp says user feedback played a big role in the change, and that this feature has been one of the most commonly requested ones. People will no doubt still complain about the redesign, but don’t count on that going away anytime soon.