Facebook Page Admins Have a Face Too

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Isn’t it ironic that a social-networking site with “Face” in the name won’t allow you to put multiple “faces” behind your corporation/brand?

For sometime now Facebook hasn’t allowed users to post as themselves on a page where they’re an admin. Okay, okay… maybe not allowing is a strong statment, but Facebook really does need to develop an app for this. Currently you can have numerous voices on the page… but only one face? Wouldn’t your fans enjoy seeing multiple replies from different admins instead of the same generic admin account?

Would your business and fans benefit from having more than one "face" on your corporations Facebook Page? Let us Know.

Facebook page commenting

Do you see the issue here? Wouldn’t it make Facebook much more engaging to the commenting fan if they could see who is actually responding to them? Using the same screen capture from the WebProNews Facebook page, I’ve mocked-up an example below.

Facebook Page commenting - mock

Apparently I’m not alone in my quest for Facebook page posting individuality (say that 5 times fast). I’ve found numerous threads (1, 2, & 3) on the Facebook boards discussing this very matter… some discussions even date back a few months.

One of these threads, created by user Talon Trotman, shows him stating his case for a "best of both worlds" scenario…

"I suggest that facebook just allow admins the option to select when posting either as the page, or the individual. It would set up a best of both worlds situation. I personally don’t need my admins only being able to post as the page because as a group we like to comment on much of the media uploaded to the page, we can not do that now because it becomes confusing to our fans when we are making a post for ourselves but its coming up as a comment by the page. So please if you agree with my solution please comment under this thread or if you have a better solution that is welcome also."

Although there are numerous Facebook users who would love this feature added, they’re some that like it as is. In the same thread, Facebook user JulieArtworks PhotoArt purposes this question…

"Why would the admin want to post as themselves? Aren’t pages supposed to be for interacting with your fans as a business (or brand, or artist, or whatever)?"

I’ll admit she makes a valid point. But, for instance, what if a company wants their Facebook page to have a more "fun" feeling and wants numerous employees to engage with readers? User Aaron Stone submits this reply to JulieArtworks’s post…

"Well… for those of us that have several members in our group, being able to post as individuals (especially when having discussions that involve several members of the group) would be a huge advantage."

It’s not like Facebook users are asking for extensive changes, just the option to post individually on pages… that’s it.

Come on Facebook, give users the option to put their "Face" behind their corporation/brand!

Facebook Page Admins Have a Face Too
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  • Jorge

    Facebook should provide the option of choosing who you want to post as.

    • Jeremy Muncy

      Hello Jorge,

      This is all page admins really need… just give us the choice.

      It’s hard for several employees to carry on a conversation with a fan when they all usie the same generic admin account with the same image… it just looks silly.

      Jeremy Muncy

  • http://www.blogspot.com Rebecca Lynn

    This is odd, you think this would be a feature already. I’m sure this is in the works, why wouldn’t it be?

    • Susan Coppersmith

      Rebecca I am sure they are working on it. If we keep it out there it will come.


  • Susan Coppersmith

    This would be a great App.. People make a Brand!


  • http://www.ftpshell.com/client/ js107

    I’m seriously going to have to post more here. This site rocks!

    Great article!


  • http://www.Warm-Mouse-Heated-Keyboard.com Warm Mouse Heated Keyboard

    I wondered about this and don’t spend enough time on FB to look into it. I set up a ValueRays business page and the only way to see it is through my account. This is interesting. I’m starting to see the point here. What if a FB account was set up as the business’ name? Then would it only be attached to that name and nobody else?

    • Jeremy Muncy

      The way Facebook is setup is… every page that is created is tied to an account with a Facebook profile.

      On a side note, if you’ve set up a page… and the “outside world” is unable to see it, check to see if you’ve published it yet.

      Jeremy Muncy

  • http://wpsu.org Emily

    I was just searching for an answer to this very question. Anyone know if progress has been made???

  • http://arie.putranto.com Arie Putranto

    Yeah, as a professional and works as an individual, that would be great for me to have that option. Is there any progress?

  • Keith

    What I’m trying to find info on is:

    I created a facebook fan page, and have a few friends as admins…yet they’re unable to post videos etc. to the page, the icons for attaching links, etc. do not show for them…from what I’m hearing.

  • Adib

    I wish the Facebook devs read this.

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