Facebook Now Just Integrating Directly with Twitter

    August 21, 2009
    Chris Crum

Facebook is in the process of releasing a feature for Facebook Pages that allows the page’s admin to automatically post updates to Twitter simultaneously. The feature is only for Pages and not for individual profiles.

"Public figures, musicians, businesses and organizations of all types who’ve created Facebook Pages often want to share a status update, a photo or an event with as many of their supporters as possible," says Facebook’s Michael Gummelt. "Celebrities may want to share personal news or charities may want to put out calls for help to both their Facebook fans and their Twitter followers, all at the same time."

Facebook to Twitter

"If you manage a Facebook Page, you now will be able to decide whether to share updates with their Twitter followers, and you also will be able to control what type of updates to share: status updates, links, photos, notes, events or all of them," explains Gummelt. "If you have multiple Pages, you will have the option to link each of those Pages to different Twitter accounts."

Facebook to Twitter

Many of us are used to seeing tweets (and retweets) in our news feeds on a regular basis, thanks to apps that are already offered. Status updates from Facebook that show up in Twitter, will likely be a little more camouflaged, with the lack of any Facebook-specific items like @replies and RTs. You often know when you’re reading a tweet on Facebook, but you won’t necessarily know you’re reading a Facebook update on Twitter.

It just goes to show that social networks are really blending together these days. Just look at FriendFeed (which Facebook recently acquired). It brings all social networks together, and it is interesting that Facebook is officially getting more integrated soon after that acquisition.

The new feature can be found at Facebook.com/twitter.