Facebook Makes Friend Organization Easier

    May 1, 2009
    Chris Crum

If you go to Facebook.com/friends, you can create friend lists on Facebook and organize your friends into different categories. This is good for organization, privacy, and for simply controlling what you see on your home page. This clip pretty much explains what it’s all about:

You can separate your co-workers from your family and your best friends from the people you went to high school with but don’t really stay in touch with anymore. Luckily nobody can see your lists besides you, so you don’t have to worry about someone who thinks you’re their friend finding out that you really just view them as some guy from high school.

Since the redesign of Facebook, there has been a virtual flood of information running through the stream. Putting your friends into lists can help you organize all of this information. It has not been incredibly easy for people to figure out how to utilize these controls, so Facebook is making it easier.

"But something else really interesting that Facebook is doing is that it is now auto-populating some lists for you, if you don’t have any," notes MG Siegler. "It’s doing this by using the details you entered when you confirmed a friendship with someone — the “How do you know this person?” question. This auto-generation of lists will no doubt spur more usage of them and will hopefully help less savvy users figure out how to use them to make the site more manageable."

If you go to the link that says +Create in the left-hand menu on your home page, you can create a new Friends list. Your lists will appear in that menu as you create them.