Facebook Gives Developers More Details

    March 10, 2008

It’s too early to say how users will feel about upcoming changes to Facebook’s profile pages.  Developers can start applauding or protesting the revision, however, thanks to a number of details that have been released.

Facebook Gives Developers More Details
Facebook’s Updated Profile Pages

Fair warning: these are technically-oriented details, and they were published on the Facebook Developer Blog.  We won’t be held responsible for the boredom of any non-developers reading this article.  There are only two points we want to share with those individuals: first, the updated profile is supposed to be released in early April.

Second (and you probably already know this), the Wall and Mini-Feed will be combined into a single place to learn about friends’ lives.

Now, with that out of the way, on to the specifics.  Pete Bratach wrote, "Facebook applications won’t appear in the narrow column by default, but users can add them there if they so choose."  Then, "By default, three applications will appear in the narrow column.  The rest will appear in the extended profile, like they can today."

Later, Bratach continued, "[W]e are changing the Platform API and creating new FBML tags.  We will release more information about them very soon on this blog."  So stay tuned, you developer types.