Facebook Gets Hardly-Needed Boost from “25 Things”

    February 11, 2009
    Chris Crum

You’ve probably heard about Facebook’s "25 Things" meme. Apparently it was so newsworthy, even Time covered it. Some of us just thought it was another pointless Facebook exercise in time wasting.

A representative for Compete was kind enough to share some numbers with me, however, and based on these numbers, "25 things" might have given Facebook book some number boosting.

In Jan. ’09, 4x more people that usual visited the "Notes" section (early 20 million people in the US). 28% of all visitors to Facebook went to "Notes." "Photos" consistently captures 60% of visitors.

Compete Facebook Numbers

In Jan. ’09, average traffic grew 15%, the 4th largest single month increase in unique visitors (Dec. ’08 is 1st with 21%). 60% more profiles were created in Jan. than Dec.

I doubt that all of this can be attributed to "25 things," but I don’t think it hurt. Facebook is becoming a beast, and I don’t see that reversing anytime soon. While there are plenty of reasons given that it won’t happen, some people even think Facebook is on the path toward killing Twitter.