Facebook Directs Companies, Celebs To Preferred Developers

    December 16, 2009

As you read this, the inboxes of 14 Facebook developers may be reaching the breaking point.  You see, Facebook’s decided to launch something it calls the Preferred Developer Consultant Program, and these lucky developers are the first to receive the social network’s official endorsements.

Kristin Thayer explained on the Facebook Developers blog, "We often hear from brands, celebrities, companies, and organizations who are looking for the best resources to start building an application on Facebook.com, optimize a Facebook Connect integration or build a Facebook Page. To help you accelerate your efforts, we are introducing the Preferred Developer Consultant program to connect people to the resources they need . . ."

More information about the first 14 developers is available here if you’re interested in employing one of them.  Or if you’re on the opposite side of the equation – wanting to be among the 14, that is – what follows is a bit more regarding that path.

The Preferred Developer Consultant Program is supposed to open to new applicants sometime next year, and at the moment, Facebook doesn’t intend to collect any application fees.  Otherwise, applicants will be asked to provide contact info, descriptions of their companies, professional references, and proof (in the form of links and screenshots) of their expertise.

Count on seeing a lot of new apps and Facebook Pages created as a result of this program.  Good luck to everyone, including the poor souls responsible for handling preferred developers’ inboxes.

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