Facebook Beats MySpace In UK

    September 25, 2007

An impressive piece of news came out of the UK today: Facebook has overtaken MySpace in terms of unique visitors.  But strangely, Facebook was overtaken by a network called PerfSpot in terms of growth.

 Facebook Beats MySpace In UK
Facebook Beats MySpace In UK

“Perfspot.com had no recorded figures until April 2007; since then it has grown by 756% in just four months – making it the fastest growing social network in 2007 ahead of Facebook, which has grown by 541% across the eight months from December 2006 -August 2007,” according to Nielsen//NetRatings.

PerfSpot still had just 274,000 unique users in August, though (compared to Facebook’s 6,506,000), so we’ll leave it alone for the time being.

The real news is the trade in positions between Facebook and MySpace.  Nielsen//NetRatings states that “Facebook received 6.5 million Unique Visitors in August 2007 compared to 6.4 million for MySpace . . .”

Admittedly, the writing’s been on the wall for quite some time; we saw UK searches for Facebook overtake searches for MySpace over two months ago.  Nonetheless, it would appear that there’s a new leader among social networks in the UK.

Hat tip to Mashable’s Adam Ostrow.