Facebook Announces fbFund Developer Advisory Council

    April 16, 2009
    Chris Crum

fbFundAlthough the popularity of some Facebook apps has been shaken up since the redesign, allowing for others to emerge, Facebook apps in general are still booming.

"Over 200 million people of every age, shape, size, & color are now using Facebook," says founder fund startup investor Dave McClure.  "Every month more than 70% of those folks use Facebook apps. Over 800 third-party apps have 100,000 or more monthly active users (MAUs)." 

Developers are making good money from apps. And Facebook is offering opportunities for more of them to do so.

"The 2009 fbFund funding cycle will include a new Incubator Program, offering exclusive mentoring from VCs and other prominent developers and entrepreneurs working on Facebook Platform," a spokesperson for Facebook tells WebProNews.

With the program, Facebook Platform developers and entrepreneurs can:

– Receive up to $100,000 in seed investment from fbFund

– Participate in an incubator program held mid-June to late August in Silicon Valley.
"During the program teams will connect with Facebook engineers and executives, along with successful entrepreneurs, angel investors, and venture capitalists who can provide real-world advice, insight and perspectives to help the teams build successful startups," the spokesperson says.

In addition to the Incubator Program, Facebook has also announced the fbFund Developer Advisory Council.

"Needless to say, we’re just getting this party started," says McClure. "Facebook apps are still growing like crazy, and Facebook Connect is opening up tremendous new opportunities for sharing and distribution on both the webtop and the iPhone.  We have a pocketful of cash to put to work on people and startups who are ready to make social applications and experiences explode across the web and mobile devices."

Members of the Advisory Council will participate in the Incubator Program as Mentors with all fbFund 2009 startups.