Facebook and Twitter Now on Xbox 360

    November 17, 2009
    Chris Crum

Update 2: Sony’s Playstation 3 is also Now integrating with Facebook.

Update: Facebook officially announced the integration of Facebook and Xbox today:

We’re excited that beginning today the social game experience is coming to Xbox Live, so now you can play Xbox games with your Facebook friends…

The Xbox Facebook integration allows you to take part in some of the most popular activities on Facebook directly from your living room on your television. With Facebook for Xbox, you can update your status, browse updates from your friends and view photos on the big screen. You also can link your Facebook profile to your Xbox Gamertag to find your Facebook friends and connect with them on Xbox Live. It’s never been easier to discover friends you never even knew played Xbox.

XBox and Facebook

According to Mashable, Twitter is also now available on Xbox via the latest Xbox 360 system update.

Original Article:
 At the E3 Expo today, it was announced that Facebook and Twitter integration would be coming to Xbox. I guess MySpace gets left behind here too. Liveblogging the event, Daniel Terdiman of CNET writes:

Finally, Xbox Live members will now be able to interact with both Facebook and Twitter through their consoles. They’ll be able to share photos with Facebook friends via Xbox Live, and be able to see their lists of Xbox Live and Facebook friends simultaneously.

As for Twitter functionality, Xbox Live users will be able to post tweets directly from their consoles, without a PC.

It only makes sense that social networks and the gaming consoles get together. Games (particularly a service like Xbox live) are already social by nature, and Facebook and Twitter just happen to be two of the hottest forms of communication at the moment.

Facebook on Xbox

"Ever since the Facebook Platform launched two years ago, Facebook has become an increasingly important platform for online game developers. Entirely new companies have been built on the back of the Facebook Platform, like Playfish, Zynga, and SGN, that are creating the next generation of social games," says Justin Smith at Inside Facebook. "However, today’s announcement shows Facebook’s potential as a content distribution channel that could actually lead to more viral growth for games on other platforms."

It will be interesting to see if other consoles and social media companies integrate with one another. Smith notes that Electronic Arts is taking advantage of Facebook Connect for its Xbox version of Tiger Woods 2010.

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