Expertise: Your Key to Affiliate Profits

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Want to make more money as an affiliate? Simple: Become an expert.

As an expert you have a level of influence that will allow you to skyrocket your visits to your own site(s), visits to your affiliate sites and sales.

And it’s not as hard as you might think. Here are some ways to tap into your own expertise:

1. Be a “Me Too” Expert

A “Me Too” expert is someone without formal training, who has already accomplished what their readers and visitors wish to accomplish. Have you lost 50 pounds? You can be a me too expert. Had a successful 40 year marriage? Yup, you too.

The me too expert simply relates their own experience and encouragement to others.

2. Tap into the expertise of others

If you’re not an expert on any topic, but have an interest, you can tap into the expertise of others. Interview them and put up the interviews on your website.

3. Tap into your own expertise

If you are already an expert in something, chances are you can carve out a profitable niche there. You can write from your own point of view with authority and people will respond to what you write.

4. Give practical reviews of others’ information

If you’re not an expert and don’t want to go the interview route, try becoming a professional “reviewer.” This allows you to give an “everyman’s” view of new products and services while allowing you to position yourself well in the minds of your readers.

5. Do unique research

If you have an interest in research in a particular area, you might want to go this route. People will read and respect the things you write if you are providing unique content.

One way to accomplish that is through surveys. I put together a resource on running surveys here:


6. Start a Forum

If you have a particular interest in a subject, and no prominent forum exists already, start one. This can quickly put you into a place of expertise on the web.

Want to increase your affiliate checks? Become an expert. You will not only see more people respond to what you write, you will see multiplying profits as well.

For more information on becoming a solid-earning affiliate, I have put together two no-cost reports:

Overall view of building an affiliate income:


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Expertise: Your Key to Affiliate Profits
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