EveryZing Launches Cloud-Based Video SEO Tool

May Help Video Visibility

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Video SEO firm EveryZing has launched what it’s referring to as "the Internet’s first cloud-based metadata service" called MediaCloud. As online video plays a bigger role in marketing, lots of businesses are looking for better ways to get their videos found.

Tom Wilde EveryZing CEOMeidaCloud could prove to be an interesting starting point. It allows companies to post live or archived video, audio, or text content feeds and receive back a rich set of metadata such as speech transcripts, time-stamped tags, categories/topics, named entities, geo-location and tagged thumbnails.

“MediaCloud is a logical next product offering for EveryZing,” said Tom Wilde, EveryZing’s CEO.  “Our award-winning ezSEO, ezSEARCH and MetaPlayer products are all based on our core patented metadata capabilities, and MediaCloud now further opens these capabilities and allows our customers to more deeply integrate metadata into their workflow.  Quite simply, MediaCloud has the unique capability to receive raw data, and quickly return back to customers the valuable information on which their businesses rely.”

Included in MediaCloud is:

– Real-time processing of live audio and video feeds

– Support for both broadcast and telephony metadata models

– Geo tagging

– Support for over 100 files formats across text, video, audio, and image

– Automatic text alignment for time stamping of closed captioning data

– Dynamic thumbnailing of video assets to create automatic “storyboards”

– English (US, UK) and Spanish language support for audio and video

EveryZing says it has already signed up a significant list of customers for MediaCloud, utilzing it for applications in contextual ad targeting, universal search, video archives, media monitoring, closed captioning, and voicemail-to-text. Customers don’t have to buy any software and only pay for the processing needed.

EveryZing Launches Cloud-Based Video SEO Tool
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  • http://www.seofortwayne.com Chad

    I’m trying to wrap my head around exactly how this would work with Google and how I need to plan for it in my business @ http://www.seofortwayne.com. I preach to my clients everyday about the importance of video, but how does this change anything?

    • http://www.everyzing.com Tom Wilde


      The key here is that users are increasing relying on the major web search engines to find audio and video content, and as a result, it places an imperative on the publishers to make their content discoverable by the web search engines via text and metadata. Having a rich set of metadata and transcripts means that the audio and video clips appear as “documents” to Google etc and therefore can be ranked. Try a search for “unfreezing pipes” on Google and you will see a BobVila video in the top three results.


  • http://searchengine-optimization-seo.com/ Guest

    is this compatible with youtube? I have video account with youtube and would like to try this with it.


  • http://4dl.info Guest

    Now here is the first meaning of optimization. SEO is already loosing its way but this kind of optimization is actually very beneficial for both the user and the search engines.

    Ease of access and the ability to find more related information is exactly how Chad says: a necessity. Nowadays we all rely on search engines for this stuff maybe even more than we need to.

    I remember when tagging and the whole concept of tag clouds first appeared. There was a total frenzy about it. I believe that EveryZin Cloud-based seo tool might just be the next best thing.

  • http://www.ascentent.com Ent Services

    Everyzing seemed to address what most SEO Tools out there don’t.

    • http://www.a1certifications.com TestKing

      yep, there are still many to come, most of them are not available yet.

  • http://www.internet-empire.com Seo Singapore

    This is the first time I’ve heard about Everyzing but I guess they must be worth checking out since they’re being mentioned here. Thanks.

  • http://www.travel-singapore-with-me.com Travel Singapore

    Today, web content is pretty much text based dominated. Search engine spiders are programmed to work better with text based content over rich media content. It is brilliant of EveryZing to have MediaCloud technology to breach this gap!

  • http://www.slimkwik.com SlimQuick

    I understand that customers will have to pay for processing. So Mediacloud will be a 100% paid service, isn’t it?

  • http://www.happymarketer.com Guest

    Looks like everything’s turning to clouds. Even cloud gaming.

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