Everybody’s a Critic

    January 26, 2009
    WebProNews Staff

For years now, the blog has been viewed as a necessary evil from a PR perspective and a direct channel for bad news traveling at light speed. That’s a fair assessment, but the Internet should be viewed as a boon to another aspect of business: quality control.

It used to be there were official critics and official criticisms were published in print, read by subset of subscribers to a specific publication. Now, critics are pretty much everywhere and can publish anywhere, any time.

And that means companies better be at their best at all times. If not, the least of what gets published is humorous complaints about food served at your airline. At least the critic who wrote this letter to Sir Richard Branson acknowledged several times how much he or she loved Branson’s Virgin brand.

Here’s just a small excerpt of the Virgin Airlines food review published in the Telegraph:


It’s mustard Richard. MUSTARD. More mustard than any man could consume in a month. On the left we have a piece of broccoli and some peppers in a brown glue-like oil and on the right the chef had prepared some mashed potato. The potato masher had obviously broken and so it was decided the next best thing would be to pass the potatoes through the digestive tract of a bird.


Once it was regurgitated it was clearly then blended and mixed with a bit of mustard. Everybody likes a bit of mustard Richard.


Needless to say—well, hopefully needless to say—Branson or somebody at Virgin should be looking into food quality post haste.