Even More Google Customizing

    December 14, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Google has taken the personalized homepage concept a step further down the development path and released an API for creating homepage modules.

The latest word from Google through its official blog details the release of the Google Homepage API:

From an engineering perspective, this became an opportunity to create a framework for all types of content and information. Supporting RSS and Atom feeds was one step in that direction, and today we’re excited to start supporting richer web apps as well.

Google software engineer Adam Sah wrote in the entry that some Googlers had created a few sample modules to work with the personalized homepage. Five modules in the directory lets users add features like a weather map or the current date-and-time to their pages.

Developers do not need to download any special tools to create modules, the Homepage API guide said. After building a module, developers can submit it to Google for review and possible inclusion into the homepage module directory.

David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.