Europeans Buying More Online

    January 22, 2007

Europeans are spending more time online and many are shopping online as well. Since they are spending more time online they are also purchasing more items.

In a new report “Mediascope Europe 2006 Study”, sponsored by the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA) with research from Synovate says that 78 percent of European Internet users shop online. On average they spend Eur750 and buy 10 items online over a six-month period.

Online shoppers in the UK and Scandinavia spend and purchase the most items online. Germans tend to look for discounts more and buy a greater number of items for less cost. Dutch online shoppers are serious bargain hunters. Over half (54%) research prices online at least once a month. Fifty percent of the French and Germans do the same type of price comparison.

Auction sites are popular with European online shoppers. Sixty-two percent of German users and 49 percent from the UK visit them at least once a month. The average user in Europe visits auction sites 41 percent of the time.

Mobile phones are the most popular items that Europeans shop for online. The growth in conversion rates increased 23 percent. Music downloads; car accessories and home furnishings were other popular items.

“As consumers further embrace their digital lifestyles, they are becoming more ambitious in what they choose to buy over the Internet as well as how much they spend,” said Michael Kleindl of the EIAA. “This research demonstrates the increasing trust in the internet amongst consumers to obtain information and buy a growing range of products. More money spent and items bought online shows that consumers are integrating online shopping into their daily lives.”

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