Europe Still Looking For An Answer To Google

    August 31, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

While America’s busy celebrating Labor Day (mmm, ribs), Europe will be hard at work farming a Google competitor.

We’ve heard this before, to little fanfare, Quaero went out with less than a whimper, or more accurately, if my French is right, moins qu’une pleurnicherie.

But it’s nice to see a pioneering spirit emerge. And it is necessary for competition purposes, as about 90 percent of the French use Google, which is giving the powers-that-be fits over there.

Enter SeedCamp, which the FinancialTimes says is "an intensive series of events, run by investors, entrepreneurs, and experts in marketing, finance and human resources, aimed at equipping European high-technology start-ups with the skills to grow into multi-billion dollar companies."

Twenty startups will pitch for investments next Thursday, and five will be chosen to stay in London for another three months to prove their concepts.

All they need now is Mark Burnett, Donald Trump, and a camera crew. They could call the show "The Search," or something lame like that, and bring in Omarosa. Oh, and don’t forget Miss Teen South Carolina. You know, just to up the entertainment value.

Whatever the outcome, they’ll have their work cut out for them, as no American company has yet to out-google Google. Some Asian companies have a done a good job of keeping their footholds, but mainly because Google was late to the game and doesn’t do Kanji as well Roman.