EU Launches Online Consumer Rights Guide

    May 5, 2009

The European Commission has launched an eYouGuide, a new online resource that offers advice on the digital rights consumers have under EU law.

The guide covers consumer issues like the rights they have while shopping on the Internet, downloading music and protecting personal information online and on social networking sites.

Viviane Reding
Viviane Reding

Even though 48.5 percent of EU households have a broadband Internet connection, a recent survey indicated a lack of confidence holds many consumers back from online transactions. Only 12 percent of EU web users feel safe making transactions online, while 39 percent have major doubts about safety and 42 percent will not perform any financial transactions online.

More than half (65%) of Internet users in the EU do not know where to find information and advice about cross-border shopping in the EU. A third of consumers would consider making an online purchase from another country because of quality or price, but only 7 percent actually do.

"In the EU, consumer rights online should not depend on where a company or website is based. National borders should no longer complicate European consumers’ lives when they go online to buy a book or download a song", said Viviane Reding, the EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media.

"In spite of progress made, we need to ensure that there is a single market for consumers as well as businesses on the web."