ESPC Survey On Managing Email

    March 27, 2007

The Email Sender and Provider Coalition have released the results of their survey that examines the email behaviors of consumers. The results revealed that the average American is an experienced email user and that they have specific ways of managing email and spam.

 The survey found that over 80 percent of consumers use the "Report Spam" and "Unsubscribe" features to manage the email they receive. Fifty-three percent said they would open and read email if the sending company had a certified icon in the email program.

"The results of this survey suggest that our industry has a unique opportunity to further help consumers manage their email," said Dave Lewis, vice president of marketing development for StrongMail Systems, Inc.

"They’ve proven that they understand and use the tools they’re given and have expressed a desire for more. It’s now incumbent on senders and ISPs to come together to put more control in consumers’ hands."

Senders of email should make sure they are recognizable in the "From" and "Subject" lines of their emails if the don’t want to be treated as spam.

 According to the survey 90 percent of respondents who receive email would favor having an "Unsubscribe" button directly in their email program and 80 percent wanted access to a "Report Fraud" button. Consumers have a strong trust in "Unsubscribe" links and "Report Spam" buttons and are using these tools to manage unwanted email.

"This report provides a lot of actionable information for both the sending and receiving community," said Trevor Hughes, executive director of the ESPC.

"Today’s consumer is educated about email and, according to the results, very willing to use the functions available to them to manage their email and to provide feedback about how they manage unwanted email. The industry as a whole should listen to their needs to ensure email is viewed with trust and acceptance."