Epimetheus: Im ready for my close-up, Mr. Cassini.

    April 28, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

In its sixth flyby of Saturn, US-European-Italian space probe, Cassini, delivered the best glimpse yet of Saturn’s tiny moon Epimetheus.

The satellite, a companion of the moon Janus, measures just 72 miles in diameter. The two moons share an orbit and at times will switch positions. Epimetheus has a large crater in the center that measures 21 miles across.

Cassini came within about 46,000 miles of the orbiter and returned a snapshot that the BBC described as “Looking not unlike a large lump of cheese.”

All we need now are tea and crumpets.

Cassini was launched in October of 1997, carrying as a bonus feature 1million messages from Internet users to be delivered to Titan, Saturn’s largest moon.

Taking seven years to arrive at Saturn, Cassini’s mission is scheduled to end in 2008.