Enterprise 2.0 in InformationWeek

    February 27, 2007

The InformationWeek cover story is Enterprise 2.0, based on a survey of engagement:

 Despite the risks and problems, a solid minority of the 250 business technology pros surveyed by InformationWeek are behind this IT strategy push that has come to be known as Enterprise 2.0 (even if the overplayed 2.0 terminology makes some people wince). Nearly a third, 32%, describe their Web 2.0 strategies as fully engaged, our survey finds.

Reticent companies ignore the movement at the peril of their competitiveness. Within a few years, rich, collaborative software platforms that include a slate of technologies like wikis, blogs, integrated search, and unified communications will be the norm. Employees will expect to work that way, and it’ll be up to IT to solve the still significant problems and deliver.

I like the disclaiming sidebar with fair commentary about the category name:

The reason it gets used is there’s real meaning behind the tag [Enterprise 2.0] today, giving businesspeople a way to talk about the kind of collaboration and information sharing they must move toward. There will come a time when Enterprise 2.0 loses its meaning entirely, much as e-business did when Internet-based commerce became less of a novelty. When the kind of Web-based, highly interactive collaboration and information sharing that defines Enterprise 2.0 becomes commonplace, we’ll hang this one up, too.

InformationWeekInformationWeek suggests Nine Easy Web Collaboration tools, highlighting Socialtext.  I need to clarify one mistake in the article, however, the following paragraph should refer to Socialtext Unplugged, the offline wiki, not Socialtext as a whole.

Socialtext offers wiki software with a twist — you can copy the wiki to your desktop, work with it disconnected from the Internet, and then merge it with the online version; Socialtext [Unplugged] is based on TiddlyWiki, a popular single-user Wiki that stores both data and JavaScript code in a single Web page that can be stored locally on the desktop or on a server.

In general the article is a fair survey of where adoption of Enterprise 2.0 is, just beginning to mainstream and a trend embraced by incumbent vendors.  And it also highlights the varied experiences enterprises have had.  Some overspent on security, some failed to gain adoption, some have a wonderful mess of experimentation they need to clean up.  The article failed to mention SuiteTwo as a solution that encompasses wikis, blogs and RSS, but all in good time.


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