Enabling Google Analytics Site Search

    November 5, 2007

You can now log-in to your Google Analytics account to start enabling the new Site Search feature for a site of yours.

Google Analytics Site Search

The data won’t show right away, but apparently it will after some time (I just enabled Site Search today so I don’t know exactly what happens). Here’s how:

  1. (First you need to make sure you have some kind of search engine for your site; e.g. in this blog, there’s a search box to the right side in the navigation utilized by the Google AJAX Search API; also, you must have the Google Analytics tracker script available in your pages.)
  2. Go to Google Analytics
  3. Next to your site, click Edit
  4. On your site’s profile, again click Edit (in the top right)
  5. Scroll down on the settings page and check the “Do Track Site Search” box
  6. In the Query Parameter input box, enter e.g. “q” (no quotes) when your query parameter is q, as in http://example.com/search.php?q=hello+world
  7. Hit the Save Changes button
  8. Repeat for all of your sites

[Via official Google Analytics blog.]