Empty Edmunds Page Tempts Google

    August 16, 2007

A fuzzy photo, some estimated engine stats, a projected price range – I’ll take anything I can get when it comes to unreleased automobiles.  But Edmunds.com has created a vehicle review page based on just a name – and not even a name that’s sure to make it into production – which caused one onlooker to wonder if the site was gaming Google.

Jalopnik’s Ray Wert writes, “Good ol’ Edmunds, creating a review page when they’ve got no review to fill it – just looking for Google traffic bananas wherever they can find them, eh?”  After all, knowing that Chevrolet may eventually sell something called the Traverse won’t help anyone else.

Jalopnik, for the record, has offered photos of a Chevy Traverse test vehicle, so there’s no pot-kettle (or jealous stepsister) story here.

And neither is this a crusade against Edmunds; the site was a great resource when I went car-shopping several years ago, and Wert notes, “Now, we understand that they’re not the only folks playing this game – we’ve heard some of the buff mags being shady too.  Just sayin’ it ain’t just the big guys.”

So, well, back to business, people.  But if your business (or pleasure) involves researching the Traverse, don’t waste time with Edmunds (yet).

UPDATE:  Well, Edmunds stepped up, and there’s now a 150-word “What We Know” paragraph and an additional “What Edmunds.com says” section that states, “If you’re going to badge engineer a vehicle, better to start with a platform that’s already selling well for other brands.”  Hurray for Edmunds, and for bashing derivative SUVs.