Email Marketers Struggle To Deliver

    October 10, 2007

AOL ranks the lowest for email deliverability for marketers and Google’s Gmail is the best for deliverability according to a survey from Dot Email.

The report revealed that emails that are not relevant to users are being marked as spam, which is hindering deliverability rates of future email campaigns. The report found that 38 percent of email marketers believed that AOL has the lowest deliverability rate and just 7 percent thought Google’s Gmail had the lowest rate.

"The market penetration for Gmail is not the same for AOL or Hotmail," said Elie Ashery, president of Gold Lasso. "There is more volume on AOL, as some people have had AOL since its inception. Gmail also recently bought Postini, the largest filtering company, so they probably have a better handle on the technology for spam filtering."

MSN/Hotmail was second behind AOL with 21 percent of email marketers saying that it had the lowest deliverability rate. Seventeen percent said Earthlink had a low deliverability rate and 16 percent believed that Yahoo had a low deliverability rate.

"For AOL and Hotmail, marketers have to push harder for recipients to put them on the friends or save sender list in the opt-in process," Ashery said. "This will help to use the dynamic content feature so marketers can send them instructions on how to get on the save sender list. The better the opt-in methodology, the better the deliverability you will have. Having double opt-in keeps down suppression; making sure that the list is clean is another major factor."