eBible Brings You Jesus 2.0

    May 12, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The second coming? No, silly, Bible-centered social media. Having trouble finding that particularly obscure Bible verse? Lose your Strong’s Concordance? eBible.com, still in private beta (shouldn’t that be alpha/omega?), promises a Web 2.0 soul searching experience.

Like the folks at SearchViews, St. Peter hasn’t granted me access. The private beta has been full up since TechCrunch told it on the mountain, leaving the wonders of eBible “ensconced within its own Holy of Holies.”

Michael Arrington lets us know that Jesus loves Web 2.0:

Search any of a number of versions of the Bible with eBible by keyword (and switch between Bible versions once you’ve selected text you are interested in). eBible pulls additional information relevant to your query from a library of Bible reference sites, such as dictionaries, topicals, encyclopedias, handbooks, etc. Expert commentary is also included in the margin of Biblical text.

The site will also offer product recommendations and “low key ads,” says Arrington.

According to the eBible blog, not only does Jesus love Web 2.0, but he Diggs it as well. James and Mark (not the originals) inform us that TechCrunch + Digg = crashed website. Wonder what happens when WebProNews throws in?

“This is all pretty exciting for us here at Godspeed developing in this 2.0 space,” writes James, “because it’s validation of some of the things we are doing, and some ideas we were trying out. It’s also great for Thomas Nelson to be branching out into some new technologies, and making strides to be a technology leader in the Christian publishing space.”

I’m not sure how the Baptist Convention would feel about the “GodSpeedo,” though. Hippies!

Until they tear the veil at eBible, there’s a wealth of other searchable Bible sources to save you some red letter thin paper strain.


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