eBay Unleashes Latest Changes for Sellers

Starts Testing Badges

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Update: eBay is starting to test the badges. The company made the following announcement:

Over the next few weeks you may see a new seller badge appearing on some item pages and in search results. This badge is part of the new eBay Top-rated seller status announced last week and launching in October. Starting this week and over the next few weeks, we’ll be testing the badge in search results and item pages for a small percentage of eBay traffic.

Original Article: After much anticipation, eBay has announced its new changes for sellers. Essentially, there are three main points. Are you an eBay seller? Tell us what you think of the upcoming changes.

First, eBay is saying they will reward sellers for delivering great buyer experiences. The company says that sellers who deliver the highest level of customer service (as rated by buyers) will be promoted with a special "Top-Rated" seller badge, as well as receive deep discounts of 20% on their final value fees. They will also be elevated in search. The badge will be displayed on the "view item" page.

Lorrie Norrington "For buyers, the new eBay Top-Rated Seller status makes it easy to find the highest quality sellers on eBay based on the feedback of other buyers," said Lorrie Norrington, president of eBay Marketplaces. "For sellers, the Top-Rated Seller status recognizes and rewards their commitment to consistently delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction."

Any seller with as few as 100 transactions a year and $3,000 annual in sales volume can qualify based on buyer feedback, the company says.

The second point is that eBay will be enhancing search to present more relevant listings. Here are some things to note:

– Best match will look at listings’ recent sales in relation to the number of recent impressions it received as a key factor for fixed price listings.

– Single quantity and newly listed Fixed Price items will be given exposure in Best Match even though they have no sales history.

– Auction-style listings will still get a boost in exposure as they are about to end.
– Auction with Buy It Now listings will be required to have a BIN price at least 10% higher than the auction start price.

– There is a new search visibility tool for users to evaluate their listings

– Featured Plus, Border, and other features are being eliminated

Stephanie Tilenius

Finally, eBay says selling will be easier and more profitable. "We’re well aware that sellers of all sizes deliver the deals and quality experiences that bring buyers to eBay and keep them coming back," says eBay’s Stephanie Tilenius. "That’s why we’re taking new steps to reward great service, bring you more sales, increase your profitability, and help you succeed."

eBay says there will be faster recourse for unpaid items. Specifically, resolution time will be "cut in half." The company is working on a new automated option that will make the process more efficient, and cut the time down to as litle as 8 days and block negative feedback when a seller opens a claim and a buyer doesn’t pay.

eBay is making enhancements to My Messages and post-transaction emails to make buyer communications faster and easier to manage. Sellers will also get more control over international ship-to locations. Tracking and delivery numbers for more shipping carriers can be uploaded as well.

Listing editing will be faster and easier, according to eBay, and new selling manager applications will boost efficiency. To see a few other changes, and get more details on all of them, be sure to read eBay’s announcement.

eBay intends to immediately qualify 50,000 eBay Top-Rated Sellers in the U.S. when the program goes live. Changes will go into effect between September 22 and October 1.

What do you think about eBay’s announcement? How will this really affect sellers? Sound off in the comments.

eBay Unleashes Latest Changes for Sellers
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  • http://www.free-speed-reading.com/ Free Online Speed Reading Test

    I used to sell on ebay, and the simple fact is, a 20% discount to a select few people really won’t improve the overall experience that much. As someone who used to specialize in used CDs, I know I would sell something for $7 and then have to pay $5.80 back in fees, mostly to ebay, but Paypal would stick me too.

  • Johnny

    It sounds like they will give discounts to the sellers, but those that provide the traffic will now make less.

  • Guest


  • http://www.organicspicetraders.com Organic Mike

    As a present powerseller at ebay I have witness many strange outcomes the ebay management has taken and normally for the worse. It is just plain silly with what they come up with such as try here and there and then back to here then there again. After 10 minutes of reading the new guidlines a headache appeared as usual.

    I am thankful my new site at www.organicspicetraders.com is set up today and thanks to www.awdcommerce.com for building a great site we can sell off of ebay.

  • http://www.laokay.com Steve

    A 20% discount on the fees for their upper echelon of sellers. Big deal. Watch them raise the percentage to compensate, or maybe they already have. Who knows. Or cares.

  • Guest

    The off ebay sites are looking for any time to spam the webprosite as soon as they see anything about ebay.

    These sites like Ziing,organicspicetraders,awdcommerce etc has no traffic & nobody cares.stop spamming the news site.

    Ebay reduce the power seller requirement as sellers need only 3000 dollars annual sale to get 20% power seller discount.Thats a good thing for any sellers left on ebay.

    • Guest

      Just to clarify, you need $3,000 =and= at least 100 transactions, to quality. You have to have the quantity as well as the dollars. As I can do $3,000 on one transaction, I still wouldn’t qualify for the discount. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I will celebrate when evil-Bay dies.

  • http://www.nipahutgardens.com Peter Dixon

    How many times will they change things to get what they originally had? How long does it take to realize they have screwed up and putting the screws to the sellers will not make it better?
    They need to replace management again before they become profitable again.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/comment/reply/51151/89684 Guest

      You are so correct. E-bay is a bunch of screw balls. Management has been this way for a long long time.

  • Guest

    I disagree with the new Powerseller requirements. By lowering their standards they will allow a huge influx of users into the program (so everyone can feel special), then they’ll have their “Top Rated Sellers” at the top of that list.

    The biggest thing I disagree with is their new stance on insurance. They will no longer allow an insurance surcharge because they figure sellers should take care of that. Who ships that way? When it leaves here and goes on the truck, the responsibility transfers to the buyer (it’s called F.O.B.). If they don’t want to insure it, it’s their loss, not mine. Now, eBay says as a seller I can’t charge for insurance?

    We’ll see how it goes….

  • http://www.techchoiceparts.com Greg

    First, I thought it kind of ironic that eBay suggested a seller should focus more on avoiding low DSRs than trying to get 5s for DSR. Wouldn’t focusing on getting 5s for everything be the same thing? Is trying for perfect customer satisfaction different than trying to avoid customer un-satisfaction?

    I’m afraid that the new focus on low DSRs, which eBay says reflect real customer satisfaction, have more potential for abuse or, at least, skewed results, causing lower discounts and ranking. Look, there are sometimes going to be glitches, and there are always going to be customers you just cannot satisfy. Now, rather than saying you have 99 happy customers, it’s going to be ‘you had an unhappy customer, so you don’t get 20%’. Further, how many times have we sent numerous e-mails to someone, only to finally have the customer tell us that they haven’t had that e-mail address for months or years? Too late, 1 for communication.

    I don’t know. I made my concerns known when the last batch of changes happened, and I had plenty (there are still lots problems), but haven’t seen any changes, so I guess complaining won’t help. I’ll just keep plugging away.

  • Guest

    Only the top-rated sellers will benefit from this. As a seller of luxury goods, my average sales price is well over $10,000, yet if I don’t have volume, I can’t be a Power Seller. They still haven’t given guys like us any relief. 1% or $100 Reserve Fee (this buys me 21 10-day listings for 1 missed reserve), I’m forced to either accept PayPal with a 2% fee or credit cards directly with a 3% fee. Guess how much protection PayPal give yous? Basically nothing and =they’re= the ones to approved that fraudulent card used to buy a $30,000 watch. Now, they don’t want me to charge for insurance? Would you buy =anything= of this value with no shipping insurance? My rate is $3.50 per $1,000 insured value; you can bet your ass the buyer is paying for it. Right now, I consider evil-Bay nothing but advertising and I’d frankly rather =not= make a sale there as I make more money selling directly.

  • http://cell-phone-boosters.info/ Guest

    its all a lot crap- we ARE power sellers Big deal. they have to do something to keep every 1 from realizing that Pay Pal is now HOLDING 10% FOR 60-DAYS. so they give you $1.00 and take hundreds of dollars per month

  • Guest


    Other auction sites are FAR-FAR-FAR FAIRER TO SELLERS and BUYERS!!! They haven’t lost any trade AT ALL DESPITE THE ‘RECESSION!!!! Ebay needs to DUMP THEIR DUMB MANAGERS!!! AND why does it take until Sept or October before these changes take place???? How efficient is that?

    Time for a Takeover I say .. hopefully Google might wanna pick up EBay for tuppence!! Google Guys KNOW HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS!!

    • Guest

      Use to we could bend buyers over the barrel and make them pay up or kill their feedback. Those were the days. Now we have to treat them like they are people shopping in our hometown store…. It sucks!

  • Guest

    TOO LITTLE … TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    the fundamental loopholes of eBay platform are still there, especially Paypal. I still have friends who had been using eBay as a selling platform still claiming there is no protection to seller in eBay. Buyers can easily use paypal to pay and received the items and claimed receiving nothing. Even they present the tracking info(registered mail no. , consignment no. or use the normal mailing buyer requested). there are no much protection as seller in eBay. they even allowed to leave negative feedback to honest sellers. What a great platform! Adding worse is its so expensive cost, the money is enough to build an online sale website and pay for the ad campaign. As a powerseller before, we left eBay since 2008 because of its rediculous and unfair feedback system. the fuss to to request eBay to reinstate the account could totally burn your head with smolk. eBay could wipe out your previous successful deals and even send emails to your buyers and misled them you might be a “scammer”. Take you spend more time to rebuild your reputation. They really caused us many troubles, including legal troubles. If you are seriously using eBay, please make sure you read their terms and condition. They don’t claim they are “auctioneer”. Make sure you stand a ground when you are to be blamed. Only the “genius” head can bring out that system to think all sellers can accept. eBay may be suitable for selling private items occassionally, but for small, medium to large volume sellers, it is comparatively good to utilise own online website to sell, at least the money you spend on ad campaign is more worthwhile than using it in paying those final value, listing, pic fees…..drawing traffic to your own sites is never been difficult and expensive nowadays. discount on fees are not long policy, cut the time to do real and solid business.

  • http://www.snerdey.com Snerdey

    People who sell a bunch on ebay, enough to get a 20% discount is just giving money back to the ones who spend more with ebay.. right? Who’s really winning here? eBay cause they will get the 20% right back.. LOL

    If so many people are leaving eBay as the rumors and many comments I’ve seen around the web of complaints. It would be best to beat the drum to gain more new users and make offers to those who don’t sell much or not as active.

    What a mistake.. it’s the new, startups that really bring in the bacon for us. I mean, we love our clients but gaining new ones is what it’s all about for us. Treating people with respect and customer support is what makes it easy.

    Enjoy the day.

    Follow me on Twitter!

  • http://www.centexwebent.com Centex

    Unfortunately Ebay has gone from a fun quirky place to sell anything and everything for a good price has become something else entirely, a low rent flea market.

    When the get rich quick schemes started to appear involving EBay I knew what would happen. You would get a bunch of people pumped up to sell the same thing then cut throat each other, your clientele there soon came to expect something for nothing and desperate sellers trying to unload were happy to oblige.

    So now Ebay has two strata of sellers the Power Sellers and the suckers. This plan rewards the Power Sellers while shutting the small fry out plus charging premium prices on the small fry. They might as well just make selling on Ebay an exclusive deal and limit the sellers.

    Its cheaper and more efficient for a small business to run their own website and advertise then deal with Ebay.

    Too bad good idea gone awry with the get rich quick folks

  • http://stores.shop.ebay.com/BEANSTER-GOODS?refid=store Tina

    I know most posts are bashing ebay. I too, have a lot of negative things to say about ebay and paypal. However, I will be one of the ones to get to take advantage of these new discounts and badge. I think the new search sounds like an improvement. These things sound like improvements. However, ebay has lost my trust. I cant help feeling like there is something ebay isnt telling us. Where are the fee hikes to make up for there loss going to come from? After the slap in the face of not allowing money orders and forcing paypal or merchant credit cards as the only source of funding I am aware of their strategy. Unfortunately, the have the power to FORCE YOU to pay fees.

  • Guest

    Well …

    there is MARKETING but there’s also desperateness … eBAY is “crying” of desperateness!

    If eBAY would be a local business they wouldn’t have made it into the second year … but with a chance of reaching the entire, global available stupidity, there’s always a business opportunity, even for a backyarder.

  • http://kirkhamsebooks.com/Marketing/Ebay.htm Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

    But I’m just not sold that the fees are worth it


  • Guest

    Ebay should improve their feedback system to be fair to all sellers. We had a buyer who claimed the projection screen he bought from us was scratched during shipping and wants a full refund, but he did not ship back the item. When paypal.com refused his refund request, he left a negative feedback and lowest cores on us. eBay can not control this kind of behavior at all. Buyer can say anything to seller and the sellers are completely helpless.

    We rather sell all of our valued projector screens at


    • Guest

      When ebay took away sellers ability to leave negative feedback for buyers it was over. What once was a beautiful example of free enterprize died because the seller could no longer hold buyers responsible. By the threat of negative feedback it eliminated a lot of deadbeat buyers and hassles. As a seller I pay the fees and I need the feedback hammer so I can drive home the nail and resolve bad buyer practices. Give me back my bullets!!!

      • Guest

        I’ve sold over 5000 items on eBay, although I stopped selling about 7 years ago for personal reasons. During the last 7 years I’ve been an infrequent buyer, purchasing perhaps 2 or 3 items per year.

        It’s easy to simplify about the “good old days,” but when sellers could leave negative feedback, a lot of sellers intimidated buyers with threats to leave negative feedback if the buyer left negative feedback for the seller, no matter how legit the complaint.

        Bottom line is in almost every business there is a way to provide more goods or services than there are people who are willing to buy those goods. eBay knows that if sellers leave, other sellers will step in. If buyers leave, eBay will be history.

    • Guest

      I sold on eBay for years before all the changes and had over 800 positive feedbacks (well before the DSR’s). The final straw for me was when I listed some Sirius radios that I had purchased locally at an estate sale. Don’t know why the people had so many, didn’t care, they were a good deal and some of them still were activated. Since I had a subscription to Sirius, I tested all of them before listing them – one did not work, I did not list it. All the others I got reception on fine. I listed them cheap – $15 each (but did include that they had been tested and were being sold “as is”) and sold all of them in a couple of days. One buyer received his, said it didn’t work and wanted his money back, including what he paid for shipping. I refused. I said if he wanted to send it back to me that I would refund the purchase price only. My feedback was important to me – for 15 friggin dollars I would NOT have listed something that didn’t work. Well, the guy refused, now saying he wanted his money back, his shipping back, PLUS he wanted me to pay him for the cost of his money order!! Needless to say, I didn’t go for it and received my first negative. That was it for me. No help from eBay, no “kiss and make-up” – but it soured the pot and I was finished. I don’t think they (eBay) will ever return to its roots. Bummer, it used to be really fun plus put a few extra shillings in the pocket.

  • Guest

    I do most of my business on ebay and get all my clients from ebay. I hate paying fees but it seem that it the only way to get money coming in. I have a website but can’t seem to get many people coming diretly to the website vs the clients from ebay.

    I pay around 1,500 a month in ebay fees.
    What is the best way to get on the first page of google.
    I would love to get off ebay.

    Any suggestion would be helpful.

    • Southern Belle

      I hear ya. I am a small seller. I have only been selling for a little over a year now on eBay. I pay around $650 in fee’s every month, which is alot but you are right about getting people into your online store. eBay SEO is incredible no one can touch it. If you find a solution, let me know as I would like to know myself. I have a feedback score of over 2100 in a year so to be small I am kickin’ butt!

      As a side note. I hate that now eBay is forcing us to absorb insurance costs, which I just recently got negative feedback for an experience which I was slammed about packaging. I packed the item well but the buyer did not agree. It became a big frickin mess. Totally unfair that I can’t leave negative for her, but she could leave it for me! I got dinged and slapped on the hand for misrepresentation of feedback.

      I have an online store, but I am looking for another venue. I tried eCrater I didn’t like it. My husband tried Bonzale, nothing sold….so everything is not as it seems. eBay still is the traffic monster.

    • http://www.ADHR.com settogo2

      Hi princessbowtique,
      -Hope you come back to read this-

      Just keep doing what you did right here. I have just gotten back into internet marketing and have found that I need to be out on the ‘net reading forums and answering *** emphasis on being relevent *** so you are not spamming, writing relevent articles about your site/ products/services and posting to blogs, ezines, etc.

      I will be checking your site just because you posted here with an honest concern. I have been considering going back on ebay, but have been reminded by these posts and others why I left in the first place (3-4 years ago). It doesn’t look any better to me now than it did before. Most of my fav sellers and friends have left.

      Beware also of their lastest little gimmick. * 5 Free listings a month *
      I have seen numerous posts from sellers about being charged higher fvf’s for the (FREE) listings. They actually ended up paying more for this great Free (gimmick) service from ebay.

      I only see ebay spiraling even farther towards their own demise as evidenced by the declining traffic figures and alienating more of the sellers.

  • Guest

    Interesting change in the offing. I am currently a silver powerseller earning 25% FVF discount. From Jan 2010 even if I get “top rated seller” my discount will be reduced to 20%. So a potential load of extra work to “gain” a reduced discount. Let’s hope eBay start educating the buyers on the huge impact DSR has because to earn top seller you must have less than the equivalent of 2 or less DSR 1’s or 2’s for every 400 transactions. 99.5% is a very very high target for service provision.

    • Guest

      There isn’t a 25 percent discount….20 percent maximum….bogus

      • Guest

        Not sure what the above post is referring to but on ebay UK FVF discounts for powersellers are Bronze:20%, Silver:25%, Gold:30%, Platinum:35% and Titanium:40%

      • Guest

        In the US, yes, 20% is maximum but not in the UK (as per above post).

  • http://www.okvideoproductions.com Bill Castello

    I’d had an ebay store for years, sellling video dvds that we produced. We had a 100% rating and everything was fine.

    But then I got busy and didn’t list any items for several months. When I did list again, one buyer gave me a bad rating because he didn’t like the video. Never mind that everyone who’d ever bought that dvd before absolutely loved it. Never mind that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if they return the dvd.

    Ebay’s new rating system gave more weight to recent feedback than to previous and since I’d gone several months without an auciton, my feedback went from 100% to pretty bad with just this one feedback.

    When I wrote to complain to ebay, all I got back was an indifferent, automated message, so I closed my store. Goodbye and good-riddance ebay!

  • http://the7dayswealth.com 7 day wealth

    I love Ebay, thx for the post

    • RD

      YOU F. MORON!!! LOL! You probably don’t know what Ebay is. Quit spamming scumbag!

  • http://www.google.ca/search?client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&channel=s&hl=en&q=eBay+sucks&meta=&btnG=Google+Search X eBay Buyer & Seller

    “We’re well aware that sellers of all sizes deliver the deals and quality experiences that bring buyers to eBay and keep them coming back,” says eBay’s Stephanie Tilenius. “That’s why we’re taking new steps to reward great service, bring you more sales, increase your profitability, and help you succeed.”

    Maybe eBay should have thought about that *before* alienating thousands of smaller eBay sellers, to say nothing of some large ones, with their draconian inflexible policies and non-existent “customer service”. Yes eBay sellers are *customers* of eBay as are eBay buyers, not that eBay buyers get much in the way of real live human customer service when some kind of problem arises. eBay doesn’t need more completely automated systems. Heck half the time I dealt with eBay “customer service” it felt like I was dealing with a robot aka automation even though it was a real life flesh and blood human being. At least I *think* I was dealing with human beings but they were so constrained by eBay’s poorly thought through policies that they could do little or nothing to satisfactorily resolve real life problems of various kinds. eBay needs to completely review its conflict resolution procedures and revise them so that they can address real world problems.

    I was suspended from eBay because I fell ill and was unable to immediately ship some items and a few impatient buyers used that as an excuse to back out of deals. Even though their money was refunded via PayPal I was suspended because I decided not to ship to some people who balked way too early. I am sure that at least one or two of them were looking for an excuse to back out of deals that they had made and had second thoughts about. At least one buyer backed out of the deal within a few days, not even allowing a reasonable amount of time for *anyone* to ship *any* item. eBays robotic customer service people who were no doubt going by eBay’s “book” could do nothing to help resolve the problem in practical terms.

    I decided that it was not worth bothering trying to reinstate my eBay account, especially in light of some of the bad experiences I had as an eBay buyer as well. . . Now I use Craig’s list and Kijiji etc. to sell items locally with no fees at all. Sure I miss the larger market place provided by eBay but I have adjusted and they lost all the money that they would have made had they not suspended me for problems I had little control over and they did little or nothing to help resolve. If you want me back eBay I will need to see more changes for both buyers and sellers that make it easier to resolve real life problems that can and do arise on both sides of an eBay transaction. And stop gouging sellers and forcing them to use expensive shipping methods that discourage buyers etc. etc. If eBay wants my advice as to how to improve their service they can hire me as a consultant because I sure don’t feel like giving eBay good advice for free.

  • Mark

    eBay makes the rules and the Sellers have to put up with them, as the saying goes “they got the pistola”. I have been a Power Seller for years and have called them on a few occasions with their unfair practices that most complain about such as Sellers that never receive payments can’t leave feedback but the latest call I made last month was when 12 of my auctions were coming off in 20 minutes and only the best match auctions showed up, none of my auctions showed up even 4 pages after searching. My sales have dropped drastically since they did the Best Match a while back and the past 2 weeks they changed it back to ending soon and guess what, my sales tripled. When I called them about this unfair practice of best match and my auctions that were ending and had no exposure, I told them I will save my listing fees since it was just putting money in their pockets and not getting what I was paying for by listing the auctions.

    I want to thank everyone for giving other internet auction companies that are available, as I will stay on eBay since they are my big source of income but it never hurts to get more exposure out there. I started on www.atomicmall.com in December and have been doing pretty good on there and the best part is that when the sale is made the payment is there as well, there is NO WAITING for payments! Hopefully eBay will wake up and smell the coffee some day and make their auctions with shopping carts like Atomic Mall so when the sale is made it is real!

    Thanks for the great input~

    • FormerPowerSellerInOctober

      Anymore, we spend more man hours changing our business model to comply with eBay’s ever growing legislative process than we do actually listing items for sale! One of the biggest issues that we have with some of these new changes is the removal of ‘insurance’ as an applicable addition to shipping charges. As if it weren’t bad enough that eBay FORCED sellers to adopt this ‘free shipping’ mantra & force us to absorb the costs, NOW, we will be FORCED to absorb the insurance fees + we will be punished for things that have happened almost a year before these changes were even proposed (1 & 2 DSRs going back 12 months ago). It is absolutely preposterous! When will Google finally join the auction game so that we can finally lay eBay to rest! The worst part about all of this is that the BUYERS are the ones who are punished in the end. THEY are the folks who will end up PAYING for all of these changes – way to go, FEEbay! Since Yahoo auctions went by the way side it seems that FEEbay has gone bezerk-someone needs to come in & break up this monopoly. Even Google has competition with Yahoo & MSN, what ‘competition’ does FEEbay have?

      • Guest

        Competitor exist bat must be searched,true they are small because sellers do not use it,how do you want to grow if you not use this Website?Go to them,register,list,sell and buy ,that the way to born a competitor for ebay.Here an example www.ubidr.com

  • Guest

    I have been an ebay seller for 12 years (yes, one of the first members). Normally I dread ebay change announcements. There is usually something in them that is completely offensive to sellers and tempts them to punch their computer screen. Their “no negative feedback for buyers” still raises my blood pressure 20 points every time that I think about it.

    However, I haven’t detected anything really negative in this latest announcement and several real positives. I have almost perfect feedback over 12 years and high DSRs, so I don’t think anything bad will happen to me as a result of the new rules. However, it’s interesting that I think of ebay announcements in terms of their degree of badness, rather than what’s good in them.

    However, one thing that is very positive for me in the new announcement is the ability to restrict international bidders by country. Right now, the restriction is only available by region (e.g. Asia) or a few predefined countries.

    There are several “bad” countries where the scammer population is huge (e.g., Russia, Romania, Bosnia, Indonesia, most of Africa, etc.). There are also countries where many of the customs/postal workers are thieves (Italy, France, Brazil, Mexico, etc.). There are others where the postal systems are simply dysfunctional.

    I do a lot of international business on my website, but for ebay items with other than a small value, I am currently forced to completely ban all international buyers or allow just a tiny set of predefined ebay countries. I am sure that I am losing a lot of international buyers, but I will not sell to buyers in “bad” countries. Not only might I be ripped off, but if I refuse to ship, then I would violate ebay rules.

    Some I’m anxiously awaiting the new ability to restrict buyers based on a comprehensive list of countries. Take that Russia! Eat your heart out Romania! My comments on Nigeria and Ghana would cause your computer to explode.

    • Guest

      QUOTE:I have almost perfect feedback over 12 years and high DSRs, so I don’t think anything bad will happen to me as a result of the new rulesENDQUOTE Unless you are restricting selling to only your friends, Your DSRs can drop and negative feedback occur in just one day, so think again.
      Quote: I will not sell to buyers in “bad” countries. Endquote
      I hope I never meet a person who can degrade an entire COUNTRY by a few interactions with their citizens.
      For the people who are reading this post, do you believe you are getting a fair evaluation of Ebay or is it just as biased as the comments on Nigeria and Ghana?

  • Hawkswill

    These mostly affect only large volume sellers. They still haven’t taken off the Paypal or credit card requirement, and I won’t sell anything of large value through them. Also, they haven’t added Fedex to their shipping.

    With taking off the bold listings, etal, I will not be happy at all.

    So, I still think that Ebay does not treat sellers well. I long for the old days when I could leave negative feedback for a buyer who “screwed” me for no reason. I also long for the rest of the things Ebay has taken away from us, its sellers.

  • Guest

    hi,my theory is as follows;
    ebay are trying to squeeze out small sellers and new sellers,making it more and more harder to trade and encouraging you to give up.Why would they do that?my theory is that they are looking to make ebay like a high st shopping mall with all brand name stores and where no independents can survive,this is the way of the world and i feel this is the way ebay is heading.they will probably get more money with less sellers because its cheaper to run an online store than a big bricks and mortar store even with ebays fees the net proft is much better on ebay than a store as i know from experience.so i think the deal is get rid of the small fry and lure more of the big boys on to ebay and get more money for less work involved on there part as they will have fewer sellers accounts to monitor

    • Guest

      I had been an ebayer for almost 10 years with a 100% positive record in over 900 feedbacks. A seller pulled a fast one and told ebay some story and I got banned. It didn

    • Guest

      I agree with the squeezing out of smaller people. Yes, it does seem that if people want to unsubscribe then eBay will not fight it.

      But, with regards to encouraging the larger bricks and mortar branded stores to come onto eBay, I do not believe that this is the case. Why? Well, if I were a large store then I would have my own web site, my own policies, and not be answerable to the whims of another organisation such as eBay.

      If you are correct in your thinking (and you may be) then I do believe that eBay will soon come to regret this policy. Clearly, a number of the larger stores already have their own web sites, and are not reliant on the likes of eBay. It appears that eBay are fast becoming less relevant.

      This is a great shame, because eBay was a very good concept. It is just that it is not being run very well at present. I think the real low point was when eBay introduced the fixed maximum prices for postage that had no bearing on’real world’ costs. BIG mistake!!!!

      I do hope that eBay quickly learn from their mistakes and gets their act together

      • Guest

        yes i agree,why would big stores want to sell on ebay?but on ebay uk they are promoting “deal of the day” strongly,and all the offers come from a few sellers-ie -argos,next,littlewoods-so they are actually selling on ebay already,and maybe they want to use ebay as well as there own sites,i think because,customers when shopping for bargains online usually go to ebay first,so the big brands maybe are thinking “we can get involved for a relatively low cost per sale,but we need to get rid of all these small sellers who sell things for next to nothing”-once theyve cleared the small sellers then they can take over,they could even afford to pay ebay a bit more fees as they will find it still cost effective i think
        i just feel something is going on with all these rule changes and it could be possible that my theory is correct,we will see :)

  • http://www.fgotyuj.com Guest

    Ebay will still suck!
    The only things I still sell on feebay are those items which are time sensitive.
    Otherwise , the way to go is either your own site/store, or a 100 o/o free store w/ fixed prices like ecrater.I can list as many things as I like w/ no listing fees or fvf’s.
    I’m selling more there than at ebay at this time.

  • http://www.GBbay.net Guest

    I dont think ebay will make any changes for the better,they never practice what they preach,They still keep putting their customers funds into pending as they call it but i think they are just getting the interest on all this money.
    Try this Auction site you can list free here,and if you need a reply to an email you will always get it.


    It cant be any woese than ebay.

  • http://www.motorcycleforsalenow.com/ Dave Nettles

    eBay’s tweaking has cause a lot of problems for sellers in the past. But it is the seller’s that have made eBay so rich and famous. They will do well to make things better for all the sellers. A lot of times when companies get so big and successful they tend to forget who really pays them their profits. I guess we will really just have to wait and see what really happens.

    signed and eBay hope for better person!

    • Guest

      Recently I began researching discontented ebayers and found a number of websites with an abundance of evidence about an ongoing crime that happens more often than most realize, SHILL BIDDING BY SELLERS. Over the years I reported a hundred sellers I could see were running up the final by bidding on their own items. Ebay did nothing to address this. In one of their recent improvements, hiding buyers nick names, ebay took away any protection buyers had to track and detect SELLERS WHO SHILL BID. Ebay seems to think it is the seller who pays their fees but it is I the buyer who actually pays their fees. After I discovered the massive movement against a corrupt ebay I decided to stop ebaying and find safer ways to buy my online items. Shill bidding is a CRIME and most big ebay sellers practice it! By hiding buyers nick names so buyers cannot even police this illicit practice, ebay has made themselves complicit to this crime and has become the SAFEST HARBOR FOR SHILL BIDDING CRIMINALS.

      • Guest

        OK, just a point about shilling. Yes, a very bad and illegal practice that should be stamped out by any reputable and responsible body. I am a large seller, and used to be very large on eBay. I have never needed nor wanted to use this practice. But, the point is, if you are suucessful you don’t need to shill. That being said, I do agree with the sentiment of a number of very disgruntled former eBayers who have lost huge sums of money – but still no reason to shill.

        With regards to who earns eBay money – it is BOTH the buyer and seller. You cannot have one without the other.

        The saving grace is that more sites are coming up and recognising that there is genuine need to replace eBay with something more cost effective (ie when you don’t sell you are not hurt in the pocket) and which is more effective in reaching audiences. I believe in the future we will have more specialist sites than just one large one.

        Going back to your point, if people do not post, and post the things that people want at the prices that are wanted, then sales will fall, quality and products will fall, and the provider will surely fall as Customers are forced to look elsewhere.

        I wish everyone good luck – and hope that eBay will digest and learn from the anger in these comments!!!!

  • Guest

    As a seller I am silenced against a buyer. I can’t even charge for insurance any more. PayPal will deduct all costs for a dispute by a buyer now – including shipping costs, and I don’t necessarily get the item back.

    What I liked as a buyer was being able to browse for a potential bargain – something someone was just wanting to get rid of. Now, these people are likely to be at the back. Too much trouble to search.

    I have been on eBay 10 years. Never been a power seller, but my feedback and sales are many thousands. I had ONE negative from someone who couldn’t wait 36 hours for my computer to get fixed for me to respond to auction close.

    I have had PERFECT 5 star DSRs. I was told MANY times that I had elevated exposure on BEST MATCH. Liars! With an hour to go to finish of my auction I was on page 4 – I didn’t make page one until 10 minutes to go! On page one was new eBayers with barely double digit feedback, and items with 4, 10, 20 DAYS to go!

    Do the math. You bust your gut trying to get top DSRs, but because of all the competition there is NO fair ground. You just don’t get seen because so many get the top spots – and some don’t deserve it. I can show you where I got 300 hits, 2 years ago (pre-BM & pre-DSRs) and now get just 10-30 max.

    I no longer dream of making an ‘income’ on eBay. I mainly do art/collectibles/antiques and the eBay searches just DO NOT WORK – for art I get shown samples of faked photoshop ‘original’ art as recommended buys or something I really have no interest in – barely calling it art at all! Why on earth does eBay PRESUME they know my interest in art, the quality I want to see, etc.

    They are making it HARDER for you to contact buyer/sellers – you have one more screen to go through. Lies again!

    • Guest

      I had a problem with the insurance also.

      In one section of the new policy they suggest that sellers keep handling low. In the insruance section they suggect you simply add the cost in the handling fee, which will increase the handling fee. These fees can be quite expensive.

      It is like each office worked on the policy, but non of them communicated with each other, just sent it by the submission deadline.

  • Andrea Studebaker

    I’m an artist who used to sell items on eBay in the late 90s. They had a great idea, which is why it caught on fire from the start. The presence of small sellers like me, with unusual or quirky items that couldn’t be found elsewhere was a huge part of their identity. It drew people to the site just out of curiosity, and those people often bought.

    Every big change they have made in the last 10 years has served to drive more and more small sellers away. This one is no different.

    They had a great brand and have spent the last 10 years destroying it.

    I’ve considered getting back in, but I won’t because every time there is something new in the structure, it makes it less desirable for me. Thank you to those of you who have mentioned alternatives. If I start selling online again, it will be because one of these alternatives is a good fit for me. In the meantime, I will check them out from a buyer’s perspective and see if they offer the kind of unusual listings that I find entertaining.

    When will the management at eBay wake up and see what they’ve done?

    • Guest

      We are all asking ourselves, “How can they be sooo dumb, not to see what they’re doing”? When you read their daily discussions on their boards, their DAILY charade, of supposedly trying to help yet another Seller with unfair, malicious feedback from yet another dishonest Buyer (Buyers who are being encouraged to be shady by eBay’s own policies) – watch as their Gang puts the screws to that Seller, watch as they turn what should be a simple fix that any average businessperson knows precisely how to handle in the proper way into a confusing, hair-splitting, drama-fest. Watch them lie, double-speak, see how they MOCK their Sellers. They obviously have something up eBay’s sleeve – and I predict when it all comes out in the open, it will have government political connections / corporate welfare / ‘legal’ thievery written all over it. They’re not dumb (I too, thought so at first) – they’re smug. Read their Feedback boards and you will witness a well rehearsed script playing out. They don’t even seem to care that people are not deceived. It is all choreographed as a set-up for something bigger – more money for eBay, and they don’t care how they get it. They are not actually in the auction business, it’s just a front for something much darker.
      One day recently, I became so outraged I gave them a choice piece of my mind (no profanity or false accusations, either, just facts and my own opinion). The same day, my PC was slammed with 12 kinds of spyware (the ONLY time ever, that it has happened to me). I have since removed my post and will certainly never participate in trying to wake them up anymore. They are perfectly aware of what they are doing. I feel that, probably, having very strong connections with ‘the authorities’ (or someone very powerful) makes them believe that they can get away with anything. Do they have Lobbyists? I would guess, yes.

  • Guest

    i moved to amazon for selling and remain very very happy there. good fair service, helpful, equally for buyers AND sellers. customers willing to pay good prices. no messing with our payments.

    ebay went very wrong some years ago and the more big biz they get, the worse they are. they need to sell off their VPs cheap.

    you can’t judge feedback by how many people dont do lengthy reviews. how many people have TIME to do that multi-question crap. not me, for one.

    no, let’s face it, folks, ebay now has an irradicable pattern of failing both buyers and sellers. they’re like circuit city — over. they just aren’t lying down yet. but they’re finished.

  • David

    I’m an ebay member of 10+ years, took a break and came back about 4 months ago, since then they made me a Silver Powerseller.. I accepted it for the 20% disount as would anyone.. So now they change the rules to low DSR’s or 1’s and 2’s being left by a buyer..

    I have 100% feedback rateing and my lowest DSR is S/H at 4.8 but since they made the changes the 3 members that left lows for S/H will remove my PS rating.. I charge $1.75 for a single sports card ( I use PP to create a shipping label with DC, cost is $1.58 plus the 0.17 for the bubble mailer ) and $2.00 for up to 6 cards, Lots I ship with priority and charge the true cost of priority as I do with the single to six card shipping..

    Somehow Ebay feels I was a BAD seller due to the 3 lows and not worthy of the high seller standing, So now I’m looking for a new site that handles sports cards or looking to make my own site..

    Anyone here know of a good site for sports card auctions ???

    • http://www.delcampe.co.uk/stores/mrmerlin Guest


      much cheaper than ebay and you can use all payment methods

      • Guest

        Thanks for the site but from what I see not a single sports card has sold on that site with only 200+ listed snf none below 1980

  • http://www.xyshop.co.uk Need reviews

    I would suggest to check out http://www.xyshop.co.uk It has everything from all the top vendors including ebay and amazon. Sometimes you can buy the product cheaper from other places than ebay or amazon.

  • http://www.armchairtrading.com Sidhunt

    Hey another Badge to collect…. I can now understand how my children feel at school when they get presented a sticker for good work or behaviour!!!

  • Guest

    I used to be big into eBay but the trash you had to go through. I sell lots of items, Tools, Golf, and Trucks.

    I found these sites and they all work great for me. RSS feeds, Google checkout, Paypal, Google Base, Vast and a lot more. Give them a try.


    One Dollar to list any item until sold. No other fees. Nuff Said!

  • JDS

    As an EBAY MEMBER for 9 years I can say without equivocation, I have ZERO INTEREST in what EBAY PLANS to do next to screw its sellers one more way. It was the sellers who made EBAY its millions of dollars but the SOBs in charge figured every possible way to screw its sellers and make earning a living impossible for them. They have been impervious to our pleas to change their stupid policies until they have run everyone off, now they want to apply a little bandaid and hope we’ll all come crawling back. It won’t happen, at least not with me. My interest in trusting our using Ebay is DEAD FOREVER and all the schemes and dreams and lies will not change that or get me to come back for one more screwing. Let them rot in their own stew.


  • http://glassmage.com GlassMage

    I see I am not alone in my complete hatred for what eBay has become. The culprit here people (IMO) is their maximum-greedy board of directors.

    Employing scads of Corporate Puppets who slave day and night to come up with ever-more creative methods of stealing hard-earned cash from the middle-class masses who made them what they are, just so their investors can gobble up obscene loads of their pitiful booty.

    I am a silver powerseller (whooo hooo) who enjoys all of those big-time discounts: Recent month sales of a lousy $400.00, and I get to line eBay’s pockets with $60.00 for the privilege of busting my ass. WTF??? That’s not including the 3.5% that PayPal takes after that!

    eBay, I hope you SOON die a horrible, agonizing, pathetic death. And Obama, don’t you DARE think about a bail-out!!

    • http://www.glassmage.com/ GlassMage

      Three days after my original comment appeared here, eBay decided to yank my Powerseller Status.

      I track my competition’s daily sales in eBay, and there are Powersellers who have even LESS sales than I, but they continue to retain their nifty little Powerseller logo.

      If eBay put as much effort into running their business as they do vindictively punishing those who dare to speak against them, they would still be at the top of the heap.

      You are circling the drain, eBay.

  • Guest

    Good People don’t go there anymore.
    The Court now defines Ebay as a Criminal Enterprise.
    View the Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pl5VmkSl3I
    Just Google what you’re looking for. It THAT easy.
    And Brick and Mortar stores already have their Own Websites.
    They don’t Need Ebay either.

  • Guest

    We left in 2006 after Ebay stated that stores were hurting auctions and shafted us once again. It took a few years to build up business privately but we are back and doing much better than we ever did with Ebay.

    Ebay had value as an aggregator, in this day and age of search engines, they just aren’t needed anymore.

    I realize they keep hiring bright eyed and bushy tailed optimistic cheerleaders to rally Ebay sellers before upper management comes in and deals the next blow.

    Smart sellers left a long time ago. It was great for cutting your teeth on but really not worth the grief. They dug their own grave and Meg Whitman cut the ribbon on the process. Please don’t ever elect her to Public Office if you know whats good for you.

    • Guest

      As a Californian, the thought of Meg Whitman being our Governor gives me the shakes. The ebay culture that issued draconic rules for sellers, refused to listen to its customers and had the worst customer service on the planet was a reflection of its longtime leader. The only reason ebay still survives is that there is no viable competition. Ebay is the only company with a critical mass of buyers, so many sellers take the abuse because they have to survive.

      Any company that acted like ebay would lose its customers to one of its competitors in a blink of an eye. But when there are no competitors and you offer a near-essential product or service (at least to some people), you can get away with almost anything.

      I’m usually apolitical. but if Meg Whitman runs for California governor, I’m going door to door and let everyone know what a witch she is (actually something that rhymes with witch but this might get my post deleted). If that doesn’t work, perhaps our current governor Schwartzenegger will just rip her apart limb by limb as a public service.

      • Guest

        Meg Whitman was not the problem with Ebay. Under her direction it was a great place to work, and sell. When Donahoe & Norrington tool control, the problems began when they started to tear the company apart and doing what they think is best for Ebay, not the sellers.

        • Guest

          I strongly disagree with the prior post.

          I have been an hyperactive ebay seller since 1997 and have experienced the evolving ebay persona since the beginning. The ebay nastiness evolved under Meg’s regime. Seller resentment built and built until Meg probably realized that there was no way to stop the negative inertia that she had started. So she wisely stepped down, hoping that Donohue would take the blame when Armageddon finally occurred. Long time sellers are not fooled. We were there when Meg’s team constantly gave us the finger.

          Now she thinks she can fool the California voters. “Look What a wonderful company I built” she will claim. People unfamiliar with the “real” ebay will probably swallow this hogwash. In the “real world” , any company that doesn’t listen to its customers will quickly disappear. However, if the company is a virtual monopoly, it can treat its customers like scum and get away with it.

          By the way, buyers are NOT ebay customers. They are the sellers’ customers. The bulk of ebay’s revenue comes from fees paid by sellers. That’s why it’s so difficult to understand ebay’s history of seller abuse.

          I wouldn’t vote for Meg for dogcatcher.

  • http://www.ADHR.com settogo2

    Been reading these posts (and others) with great interest.

    Two incidents to report on here.

    First, I am an avid domain name buyer and ebay is a great place to find bargains. However, I have run across a few sellers blantently disregarding listing policies with external links to sales pages. I decided to report a Seller with numerous listings with links to porno sites – been over a week now – listings still there and they are cycling (auto-relist me thinks)

    Second, brought software scripts for, of all things, a bible website. Nice little site – problems with db – contacted seller and he made it right. Next problem, main feature of web site doesn’t work. Contacted Seller again,again,again – no response. Finally ran out of patience and went to leave a Neg FB – guess what – It doesn’t work (the feedback button). Cycles me back and urges me (in red) to change my feedback.
    I have only left neg’s twice in 7 years and only when deserved. Anyone heard of this little scheme before?

  • Albert

    Feebay can’t go anywhere but down. They have waged war on their affiliates, the legs of the company. The people managing the affiliate program should be fired. The horrible commission tracking and latest change of rules put the final nail on their coffin. The don’t care about their affiliates. They are destroying the company. I used to make over $7K/month when they were with CJ. Now I made this month, $12 so far. Adsense is paying more for me than FEEPN and I’m not alone here. Time to drop FEEPN from my site.

  • Guest

    Ebay no longer represents a stable selling platform. Too many changes over short periods of time make it impossible for sellers to have the confidence that their efforts today will not be crapped on tomorrow.

    • Guest

      eBay Fee Calculator by Ryan Olbe.mht
      Attention sellers, use the above calculator before setting your items price to see if you will make a profit. In every case, the profit Ebay gets is more than the profit the seller gets. Don’t fall for free shipping. That gives Ebay all the profit since their percentage is based on selling price. This calculator will open a lot of sellers eyes to what is happening and it does not include how many times seller paid to re-list every month, nor factor in the cost of a store

  • http://www.specialist-gifts.com Michael

    Hi I have read the article today and yes the changes sound great on paper!! My main problem with e-bay they keep changing there policy on selling items. I have been selling on eBay for eight years good feedback sold items all over the world now they limit you what you can sell and where. This is crazy the idea of eBay is to SELL your items So come on EBAY do what you promised and let us sell what we want. Also in the UK we had major changes to the look of the site and eBay shop they have made it very difficult to navigate around now bad move the idea is to make it as simple as possible
    There are plenty of other sites out there who are cheaper so watch out EBay remember we are your customers.

  • http://www.controldatainc.com Agency collection

    I used to goto e-bay all the time. The problem is that E-bay used to be a real auction. Ebay has turned into nothing but an on-line FLEE market. Searching through the items on ebay has been a waste of time, all searches give you 900 white trash sellers selling bubble gum toy quality products.

    • Steve

      You got it wrong my friend its not a flee market but a FLEECE market, sell on Ebay and get fleeced. We are sghifting all our sales from UK to CQout and Ebid. VCome over and join us everyone, then when FEEBAY realise we are all leaving then maybe they will slip back into the real world.

  • mobe_45

    Ebay has once again shown that all they are looking for now is businesses to peddle their low end items on. No real discounts unless you are selling the junk you get in bulk from China and other third world countries. Their refusal to allow negative feedback for crappy sellers who dont stand behind their products is bogus. They now wish to give discounts to those junk sellers.
    The other resaon to give the discounts is they are losing sales since they raised the final value fee to over compensate for the old listing fee that was removed/lowered a while back. Anyone who did the math that time saw an increase in their final overall cost to list and sell.
    Not allowing any payment except through the EBay owned paypal is another farce. personal checks were fine when the person had great feedback before the feedback changes. I do understand the new feedback rules make true feedback a lie too though.

    • Bryan L

      Dear WPN:
      For me, ebay was and still is a good training ground. I opened my store right after I gtaduated a technical school. The idea was have the profits help defray the tuition cost.
      At that time I had very little knowledge of computers. I was in my mid-40s going to school to change my life and career, so computers were very new to me at the time. In fact my first computer was laptop I purchased off ebay in 2005. And it had Windows 95!
      I’ve come quite a ways since then. Long story short, I began selling products for a company. But before I went online I read the tutorial booklets they had very carefully. And one of the things they stressed was maintaining a good rapport with your customers no matter if you make a sale or not. And because of that I’ve maintained a %100 feedback rating ever since I opened my store in ’06.
      This is was why I could not understand why ebay and PayPal imposed those silly restrictions, like waiting 20 days for the payment to clear unless I get a postive feedback from the buyer after the sale. A few times after I made a sale, I had to pay for item myself and ship it to my customer because the inventory was in another location. And I did not want my customer to be dissatisfied.
      And I read some of your articles about how sellers were getting fed up, folding their stores and goung to sell somewhere else. So I think it kind of serves ebay right and they should impose incentives for good sellers!
      Bryan L

  • Guest

    Over the last year, I have become more dissatisfied with ebay, and started to use Oztion in 30% of my sales. Increasing to now 75%.
    Feebay has realy lost touch: Soon they will charge you for arbitration in problem sales.

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