eBay Rolls Out eBay Pulse

    November 10, 2004

From clothes to cars and toys to tickets, eBay has always been a window into what’s hot in popular culture.

To help buyers and sellers more easily track this ever-changing marketplace, eBay rolled out “eBay Pulse“, an unprecedented, daily barometer that gives consumers insight into buying and selling trends at any given time from among millions of item listings on eBay.

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, eBay Pulse marks the first time eBay has aggregated data into one central destination for buyers and sellers. Updated daily, eBay Pulse features most popular searches, stores and products, as well as highest priced items and most watched items across the eBay marketplace and within hundreds of item categories.

“For the first time, eBay Pulse allows people to get their arms around practically everything that’s happening on eBay,” said Jim Griffith, eBay’s online shopping expert and dean of eBay Education. “Every day millions of buyers and sellers come together on eBay and define what’s truly hot. eBay Pulse is real-world information that’s updated daily, so it’s incredibly useful for someone looking for both buyers and sellers.”

With an easy dropdown menu, eBay Pulse allows buyers and sellers to find out what’s hot, new and interesting on eBay throughout categories such as toys & hobbies, collectibles, DVDs & Movies, sporting goods, eBay Motors and hundreds more.

For example, on Nov. 8, popular searches (based on the number of searches) across all categories on eBay were:

1. CDs
2. silver
3. DVDs
4. gold
5. Christmas
6. leather
7. games
8. shoes
9. jeans
10. girls

In addition to its top lists and other item listing details, eBay Pulse offers pop culture information, overall buying trends, fun facts about eBay, and other eBay-related news.

“With online commerce so prevalent during the holidays, eBay Pulse can give our members a quick and easy way to see pricing trends, what’s hot and popular gift suggestions,” said Griffith. “It also gives sellers an accurate, dynamic reflection of what’s in demand on any given day, which over time can help with inventory decisions.”

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