Ebay Founder Endorses Obama

Clinton loses another one

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Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar blogged his endorsement of Senator Barack Obama, a decision he says was difficult given his relationship with both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Though he questions whether his endorsement matters and labels it "self-indulgent," Omidyar takes the opportunity to talk about being inspired by Obama’s vision for America:

"When he talks about America, it makes me proud to be an American. I want to believe, and I do believe that we live in the America he is talking about. I’m an immigrant, and even though I was raised here, I’ve always loved this country and its ideals with the fervor of a convert. He puts words to what I feel….

"We’ve got excellent candidates all around this year, but I truly think that only once in a generation will we see an exceptional leader like Barack Obama."

Internet businesses and their principals may have other, more practical (read: less inspiring) reasons to support Obama. Late last year, Obama pledged support of Net Neutrality, a measure intended to keep the barriers to entry for online businesses low. In his address at the Googleplex, Obama also laid out his "innovation agenda," which includes creating a more transparent, web-accessible government. 

Ebay Founder Endorses Obama
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    I only woder if Obama will get the chance to implement his promises!?

    Really hope so!

  • Guest

    WOW!  Thanks for endorsing BO




    all endorsed BO!!!

    Glad to have you on the TEAM


  • Twiter what

    The only negros I’d vote for are Condolezza Rice or Colin Powell, that’s it.  Obama is a moron and everybody that votes for him are brainless morons.  The guy doesn’t have a record, is a racist and wouldn’t recognize a T-bone unless you shove his head inside a butcher’s ass.  And then again, he then would ask, where is the damn bone!

    So many morons voting for a "Hussein" is not even funny.  Bunch of traitors democrats sons of bitches who don’t love their country.

    • say

      It is a known fact that celebrities endorse candidates depending where the wind blows.  Otherwise they stand to lose fans and ebay accounts.  Nothing new. 

    • GoObama

      For a long time America has the chance to vote for an unbiased president with a great common sense for things that matter. Obama is the best president and the first choice of the Democrats.

    • Guest

      Twiter, you are a racist pig – and I don’t say that to jump on the bandwagon of some Obama supporters who loosely classify anyone with opposing ideas as racist. I base my comment on your language – "The only negros I’d vote for". Also "morons voting for a Hussein".

      It will be idiotic for someone to say that since Adolph Hitler was one of the worst characters in history, those who drink Coors are morons, because the company was started by Adolph Coors.

      Remember, the term negro is only used in this day and age by people with low IQs and hence don’t have the brain capacity to grasp the ever expanding english language. You only said you will vote for Condolezza Rice or Colin Powell because you know very well that they will not run for an office.  And by your own admission, will not vote for any other person of African descent. The entire world is moving fast towards civilization and it is people like you who will drag America behind.



  • louisianne

    re: Bunch of traitors democrats sons of bitches who don’t love their country.



    i am almost sorry for ever having donned the uniform of this country, so that some ignorant low-life POS like this could have the opportunity to call me a traitor.



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