eBay Declares Mobile Success For Holiday Season

Volume of mobile transactions tripled year-over-year

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If any of your Christmas presents were a bit odd-looking or seemed like impulse buys, it might be because the gift giver did his or her shopping using a small, accessible screen.  eBay reported today that mobile transactions picked up dramatically this holiday season compared to last.


The volume of mobile transactions tripled on a year-over-year basis, according to eBay, and the current rate of unique mobile visits per day is around 750,000.  People aren’t just grabbing lots of cheap odds and ends, either, considering that a 23-foot boat recently sold for $19,108 and a Steinway grand piano sold for $10,000.

Then here’s a curious detail: mobile commerce seems to have become especially popular in the Lone Star State, since "[f]our of the top 10 U.S. ZIP codes for number of people buying via their mobile phones are from Texas."

Lorrie NorringtonAnyway, Lorrie Norrington, the president of eBay marketplaces, concluded, "Mobile is changing the way people shop this holiday season. . . .  eBay buyers and sellers have rapidly embraced mobile commerce this year, and this holiday season has been a mobile commerce tipping point.  Shopping will never be the same again."

eBay sellers and regular retailers who haven’t already done so are sure to spend the next several months adapting.

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eBay Declares Mobile Success For Holiday Season
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  • Guest

    I don’t know about these numbers, as far as I know, eBay sales have been down more than 90% at least 3 to 4 days a week. The regular eBay this is. Now the mobile eBay says more users increasing so rapidly, same as amazing sales during Christmas which were actually very dissapointing for most sellers. There are currently hundreds of stores closed and thousands of items being delisted daily, since eBay took away seller’s ability to publish to google and took over the affiliates, added to a post George Bush economy situation, eBay is been very down. Paypal strategy of taking seller’s cash with the unethical rolling reserve has been kicking out any seller who dares to stay with eBay and now more and more sellers are learning that half of the effort and less than a quarter of investment can help them to open their own store, also thanks to webpronews.com useful tips and advice. Amazon and eBay are this decade sucess, something they will never see in the next decade. That is, the first fight for independence in the ecommerce world. I wish all sellers well, that they can enforce their policies against the millions of Amazon and eBay spoiled customers and also a healthy new year!!!

  • Guest

    Ebay and PayPal collaborated to Robbed me out of nearly $500 USD. Please don’t support this scamming site (ebay/paypal) that presumes all sellers are guilty until proven innocent and not only holds all payments for 21 days but also arbitrarily freezes (and locks or terminates) paypal account balance and restricts access.. This is unethical and illegal. I have spend hundreds of dollars selling items, packaging and shipping them and all my buyers have received the items but ebay/paypal so far has not even paid me an actual cent!

    I have reported them to the BBB and hopeful will hear back favorably soon, but nevertheless after this gets resolved I will NEVER do business with these scamsters again and hopefully this serves also as a public service to forewarn everyone to think twice before heading into the headaches and frustrations of Feevilbay and PredatorPal

    You can read my full story of how I got robbed and scammed by ebay and paypal at google docs published here: http://docs.google.com/View?id=d7rtxj9_29cqxnt9f6

    or this google url shortener link:


    – Bo

    Just remember don’t sponsor EVIL (ebay / Paypal) because when (not if) they BETRAY YOU like they already BETRAYED ME it will be too little too late!

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