eBay Changes Feedback Policy For Sellers

Says it's about accountability

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Online auction site eBay has begun to introduce changes in the feedback that sellers can leave about buyers. The changes were first announced in January.

Sellers on eBay are no longer allowed to leave neutral or negative comments about buyers on the site. eBay has also changed the way it calculates a member’s positive feedback percentage score.

eBay told users on Monday that as it continues to update its database, some sellers would see a temporary difference in their scores displayed on their Item pages and on their Feedback profile.

eBay says the feedback change was necessary because of an increasing number of sellers leaving critical ratings for buyers who gave them negative ratings.

Brian Burke - eBay's Director of Global Feedback Policy

"What we discovered through research was that any negative feedback that the buyer gets reduces their purchasing or willingness to purchase within the marketplace," Brian Burke, eBay’s director of global feedback policy told CNN. "The goal behind the changes is really to make sure that we’ve got buyer accountability and seller accountability."

Sellers on eBay who want to leave feedback now see a new page that gives them the option of leaving positive feedback or leaving feedback later. The page has a link to another page where sellers can report problem buyers over the following issues, unpaid item, feedback extortion, feedback abuse, malicious buying, and customs fraud.

Some sellers are not happy about seeing changes to their percentage score. eBay Australia  has a pop – up box that says,"Buyers, you can no longer receive negative or neutral Feedback from sellers. You should leave honest and accurate Feedback without the fear of receiving negative or neutral ratings."


eBay Changes Feedback Policy For Sellers
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  • David

    The original intent of the feedback system according to eBay was to initiate a feedback system that was fair, therefore the fair system that was put in place was for sellers and buyers to be able to leave feedback for each other which would help keep both in check as to seeing both sides of the story, In all fairness to buyers and sellers there are many cases where buyers leave negative feedback against an honest seller that did nothing wrong. For example the buyer fails to provide the address change and the seller sends the item to the address the buyer gave them which was the old address and the buyer takes it out on the seller due to their mistake. Another example is where the buyer does not read the compatibility or description properly and the seller sends the item ordered as described, again there are many cases where the buyer then leaves negative feedback. 

    The point here is that the system as originally intended effects the buyers and sellers ratings. Now that the system has changed it only reflects against the seller which means this is not the original intent of the system eBay set up which they say was fair.  Thus eBays changes using their own logic makes this system unfair.   

    EBay may make it seem to some as if this is actually rewarding sellers? Now the harder part for sellers to grasp is that Neutral feedback according to eBay shows deep buyer dissatisfaction and now eBay therefore counts what is suppose to be called Neutral as Negative as it now reflects against the sellers ratings also. See if you think all of this sounds fair if you were an honest seller on eBay?

    In my opinion the system should be changed to reflect just one system that is again fair, it can be star rating system like Amazon that does not involve one side of a story against someone else.



    • Guest

      This pretty much agrees with my thoughts on the matter. A 100% feedback for a buyer is now actually meaningless so no longer instils confidence. Having spent about a decade in the retail industry, I can tell you there are some people (relatively few thank goodness) you just don’t want to do business with… and I’m not referring to the crooks. There are simply people with ridiculous expectations who cannot be reasonably satisfied. Pefhaps the best way to mitigate this is to get rid of the % rating… 100% is un unreasonable expectation anyway… and perhaps have a grading system that would make 97.5%-100% identical… an A+ perhaps…

  • Lucy Cole

    The change in feedback that only allows sellers to give positive feedback is the most outrageous and dumbest thing eBay has ever done! And I’m a BUYER only.  What is the point of sellers giving buyers any feedback at all if it can only be good? My reputation as a buyer is just as important to me as it is to sellers, and now that’s all been put in the trashcan. This must be changed and very quickly! Buyers can be protected from retaliation in other ways. This is infuriating. eBay may think boycotts will never be effective — give it time. People can’t change instantly, but they will be looking elsewhere and so will I.

  • Guest

    I love it!

    I have done over 200 transactions, and only been burned twice.

    Recently I purchased a watch I’d been hunting for a couple of years.  The picture looked great, description seemed factual enough.

    Yet, when I received it, batteries were dead (not too big a deal, still most sellers not whether it runs or not and I should have asked) but the worst part was the crystal was scratched all to h-e-double toothpicks.  Not a little scratch or two, but like it had been dragged across the parking lot.  The picture did not show this.  Obviously it was not a new picture.

    When I complained to the seller privately, he instantly got hostile and it was obvious he would not refund me.  I debated and finally did leave negative feedback.  Well, HE did the same in retaliation even though I had paid instantly.

    The only mark on my perfect record.

    Yes, power to the buyer!

    • Guest

      In your case, if eBay had good Customer Support, your negative feedback would’ve been removed by eBay.  Also, if we could rely on a fair feedback system, in all likelihood you would’ve never bid on the item in the first place.  I have been on eBay for over 10 years, both buying and selling.    I have never received, nor given, a negative.  But about 9 months ago I received a neutral by someone who thought I could’ve put more into my description.  I emailed her immediately and offered a full refund, including postage both ways, and she refused.   Because I am a small-time seller, my feedback dropped this week from 100% (almost 3,000 total feedback over 10 years), to 99.7, because her neutral is factored into the 300 sales I’ve had over the last twelve months.  This is absolutely ridiculous and unfair, especially since a perspective buyer can not even see  the details of this transaction to judge whether or not her feedback was warranted.  Now, as a buyer, I am forced to literally STUDY a sellers’  feedback before bidding.  The percentage means nothing, really, so why even have it.  The option of leaving a neutral should be removed, as it means the same thing as a negative.  I will not leave feedback for my buyers, as there is no reason to.   If I want to thank them for their business, I’ll do it more personally, through email.   The changes are ridiculous, and it is shocking to think a company can grow to be so successful with such little minds making decisions.

  • Guest

    Ebay has a flawed system to begin with. I no longer allow my wife to sell on Ebay because on two occasions she was forced to give refunds. The buyers claimed they did not receive their stuff. They did not buy insurance, they did not want to pay for UPS shipping where they get tracking numbers. Did the packages get lost in the mail, were these just horrible people looking to get something for nothing, we will never know. All we do know for sure is that we paid Ebay to list, we paid Paypal to process the money, we paid to ship their items, and we got SCREWED!

    • Heather

      I always ship items with tracking information for this very reason.  Specify that items will always ship by USPS priority with tracking information.  This way there are no discrepencies.

  • Guest

     My  post is an answer to a NEW FEEDBACK RULES posted by a guest at 11:32

    POWER TO THE BUYER !!! What a joke,  Buyers have different avenues, protected by paypal, ebay, etc.

    I am both a Seller and a Buyer, and only 2 times the item was grossly misrepresented, I sent it back – with the delivery confirmation and get my money back.

    As a Seller, I was just a victim of the New Feedback Rules, an extortion !!!

    Buyer claimed that the item was returned to me, I did not receive it, so I asked for any proof of mailing ( even a post office recepit), none was provided, but Buyer sent me an email,  demanding the his money back or he will leave me a negative feedback.

    I did report a Feedback extortion with Ebay, and right after that I did get the neg.

    I am just waiting for Ebay’s response……………………….

    This Feedback system opened lot of doors for dishonest people.

  • Guest

    ebay are to lose thoasands of sellers and revenues due to there feedback policy now, i know hundreds of people in my business and veryone has said the sam they won’t b using ebay for slling anymore du to the new system, if everybody does this they will lose big money and a new site will go up i’m building one to promise people fairness and let  honest people leave feedback as they should. This new system is ridulous and unfiar to all, it opens the scams right up and people are getting ripped off big time no, my advice don’t sell anything on ebay if you feel you might get ripped off, its already happening ! ebay don’t care they just are so big now they don’t need to orry but i say he ho dosen’t think !  he who has loads a money and is a fool!   what do they say " a fool and his money is easy parted"  well maybe everyone will not be that fool and stop selling on ebay ! then they have no business ! ebay you need to think about your customers and its your sellers that have made you rich ! no sellers means no buyers ! that means a failed business !       everyone needs to strike ebay for there lack of thought for there main success and thats the sellers !



  • Ebayseller

    We have been honorable sellers on Ebay for well over 7 years. With the new changes involving the feedback policy leaves us no alternative but to revise our own:

    1. Zero feedback bidders not welcome (or persona non grata).

    2. We have the right to cancel any bid at anytime.

    3. For anyone who leaves excessive negative feedback, you are not welcome to bid and will be permanently blocked.

    For all sellers who read this: If we’re not standng up for something we must be falling for everything.

    To the policy makers at Ebay: When you place  a higher value on money rather than integrity and it’s people, that’s called prostitution.

    This new feedback policy is direct insult to all sellers on Ebay. Please, United We’ll Stand!!!


    • Guest

      memeber since 1998, now taking my business elsewhere. Ebay screwed itself and its sellers. Horrible buyers are ruining ebay!

  • http://www.ddtclassifieds.com Garland

    As always eBay is changing something that is going to cost them huge. I have a friend and we decided to put up our own website that is free to use.  Now all we have to do is get the traffic their. This is going to take some time but we both feel it’s worth it. We are both sellers and buyers having some of the same problems all ready mentioned.

    There are many other website out there that don’t charge and the traffic is not great. So we decided to send emails to our past customers hoping they will buy and start selling on our new website. www.ddtclassifieds.com.

    Best of luck to all of you sellers and buyers on eBay… It’s time for a move, don’t you agree?


  • http://www.bidouille.org/ vic

    I’m a small buyer on eBay, I’ve only left 1 negative and 1 neutral evaluation.

    For the negative evaluation, basically the seller lied in the description of the item. After asking for an explanation, the seller would not take responsibility and told me she would give me the same evaluation I would give her … I gave the negative evaluation anyway, and I got a defamatory negative in retaliation saying that I tried to pay with a fraudulent check, etc … (I actually paid with paypal within minutes of the end of the auction) I contacted ebay customer service regarding this matter, but all I got was an (automated ?) response informing me that they would not remove the evaluation (I paid with paypal, they could very easily verify that I had indeed paid the item and that the seller’s claims were false.). Considering the defamatory nature of the evaluation I went to the next step and sent a complete written complaint to their offices, to finally have the evaluation removed.

    For the neutral evaluation I do not remember why I left it, but I ended up removing it by request of the seller.

    So basically the system was already broken. Sellers with 100% good evaluations and 3000 sales is simply not realistic. It is the result of fear of retaliation and arrangements between sellers and buyers to remove negative/neutral evaluations. Evaluations profiles means nothing.

    I’m all for making evaluations objective again, but removing the possibility of negative buyer evaluation will remove all its meaning, in the same way that 100% or 99.7% positive sellers evaluations mean nothing. A better solution might have been to simply 1) force sellers to evaluate first; 2) prevent giving a negative evaluation after you received one; 3) answer each customer request intelligently.

  • sonny

    I am a buyer and a seller and i also think this is bad, we need protection as buyers and sellers this is not the way. I do think the seller should leave feedback first.


    • welder

      i’m all for the changes, theres more sellers that take advantage of the feedback system, than buyers, sellers should leave feedback as soon as they dispatch the goods, not be able to leave feedback according to what they recieve.

      sellers are just worried that if they screw up their selling power reduces everytime they get a negative, i know as a buyer that in the past if i had non recieved item and i neg the seller most would retalliate with the same, had it happen, paid for goods instantly, didnt recieve the goods as did a lot of buyers at the same time, left negative for unrecieved goods, the seller messaged and told us to remove the neg or he’d neg back which he did. we asked ebey to remove the neg and the only reason they did remove it was because we’d mentioned paypal dispute, not because this guy was abusing the system.

      with the new system the buyer can now leave HONEST feedback to the transaction without the worry of retalliatory negative

      • Randy Barrett

         Once  an item has been payed for, your job as a buyer is not done.  The seller needs to know that you did receive your item and you are satisfied with the product/transaction.  If something is wrong with your item when you receive it, it is your job as a buyer to contact the seller so that they can take care of you in any way that they can and make things right.  They do not know something is wrong unless the buyer communicates with them.  And if the seller does make things right, then feedback should reflect that.  People are human, mistakes will happen, and there may be shipping problems or (customs hold ups, if it leaves the country) But most sellers are good people and will make things right.  They should be given that opportunity, and then be recognized for it.  Some buyers do not even give the seller a chance.  That is why many sellers wait for feedback to be left first.  There will always will be both bad & good buyers, and both bad & good sellers on eBay.  There are, and always will be both buyers & sellers who mis-use feedback.  Most buyers chose not to buy insurance and/or delivery confirmation, I use to leave feedback as soon as the buyer paid for their item until a inexperienced buyer did not receive his item after 26 days not 1 email asking if it was shipped or that he still did not have it. I sent another item out as soon as I found out (at my expense) he chose no insurance and I had no delivery confirmation. and he still left a negative feedback. I did not know he had not gotten the item in time to make it right. The buyer and seller must communicate several times through a transaction. and then they need to leave feedback appropriately.

        I guess we could require insurance and a delivery confirmation, an then an additional $3 or 4 dollars to tack on to the buyer.

        • charred

          Yes that is fair, but most sellers will not accomodate nor acknowledge THEIR mistakes and do you know how many times I had to eat up losses because of sellers misrepresentations or unwillingness to negotiate?  Sellers are full of fraud and shill bidding, you name it. Ebay doesn’t seem to do much with seller abuse when they are "powersellers". 

          • charred

            Should I also mention the abuse one powerseller did about 2 years ago and ebay did nothing… he not only put my email address on a load of spam sites, but he also signed up for accounts under my name making up disgustings profiles about me, and he went through the trouble ordering merchandise under my name.  Crank phone calls as well.  I actually called the police on "paul2***" and they said nothing can be done because the merchandise ordered was sent to me instead of him.. but he did admit to the police that he was doing some of these things.  He started with vulgar and sexist emails, and when I posted these on my "aboutme" page warning his potential customers, he went bizerk. 

          • charred

            and no he did not pay for this merchandise. what he did was order that bmg cd membership under my name in which id have to pay for them later.  i was shocked when the police said they could not do a thing! 

  • http://mike-thisthatandeverything.blogspot.com/ Mike

    I really can not work out why people use EBay, If the company that I work for took 1 to 2 weeks to answer emails as eBay does we would have no customers.

  • Guest

    This is a terrible change for Ebay.  I’m a seller and now I’ve got to load up every auction with tons of rules to prevent buyer abuse.  Ebay, you guys are idiots!

  • http://www.InfinitePotential.com Peter

    When I first read this I thought "about time"

    I am mostly a buyer and have sold items in the past.  When I buy an item my responsibility is to pay for the item on time, nothing more.

    I would say that on average 90% of the time when I buy something the seller thanks for for fast payment and asks me to leave feedback, then they will leave feedback.  I have explained that my part is done and that they, the seller should leave feedback first..

    One change I would suggest is to allow sellers the ability to leave a more full explanation when they receive a negative feedback, rather than just a one liner.



    • Guest

      You may be a buyer who does pay for your items.  However, being a huge seller on eBay, we deal with 10-20 buyers each month who do not pay, each one who either never responds, or has an excuse that we have heard several times in the past.  The problem is, as a seller, we are required to pay eBay for those items that were sold, even if they were not ever paid for.  The only way we can get credit – and a partial credit at that – is by filing an unpaid item dispute.  Now if we do that so that we are not completely out the loss in fees, we fear getting a negative feedback from that buyer who now no longer cares how many items they "purchase" because they don’t have to own up to the responsibility to pay and fear nothing for having their unpaid items no longer affect their buying record.  We already pay eBay $6,000-$8,000 each month in fees.  And now, will probably instead eat the loss in those unpaid items, which will now probably grow in amounts each mont.

      Once you pay for an item, your job as a buyer is not done.  The seller needs to know that you did receive your item and you are satisfied with the product/transaction.  If something is wrong with your item when you receive it, it is your job as a buyer to contact the seller so that they can take care of you in any way that they can and make things right.  They do not know something is wrong unless the buyer communicates with them.  And if the seller does make things right, then feedback should reflect that.  People are human, mistakes will happen, and there may be defective products (not all sellers are the manufacturer of their products.)  But many sellers are good people and will make things right.  They should be given that opportunity, and recognized for it.  Some buyers do not even give the seller a chance.  That is why many sellers wait for feedback to be left first.  There always has been, still is, and always will be both bad & good buyers, and both bad & good sellers on eBay.  There always has, still are, and always will be both buyers & sellers who mis-use feedback.  Both buyer & seller need to recognize this, and need to communicate well with each other throughout the transaction, and they need to leave feedback appropriately.

      Feedback for buyers:
      Did the buyer pay on-time?
      Did the buyer pay within our payment terms?
      Did the buyer pay within a country that we ship to?
      Did the buyer read our listing correctly? (Did they make a change to their order, example, request a different size or color other than the listing was stated?)
      Did the buyer make another change after payment was received/item shipped? (example, address change.)
      Did the buyer communicate they are satisified with their purchase?

      Feedback for sellers:
      Did the seller confirm payment/shipment?
      Did the seller ship within the time-frame stated in the listing? (Once an item leaves the seller, they are not responsible for shipping transit time. They are not the shipping carrier, and should not be rated as such.)
      Did the seller send me the item as described in the listing?

    • James

      Paying for an item is the easiest  job for a buyer (pushing a button).

      The real (and more difficult) responsibility of the buyer is inspection of goods upon receipt and notification of seller if there is a problem that needs to be fixed.

      Therefore, the buyer has the final duty in the transaction and should be the first to leave feedback.

      Just my opinion as both a buyer and a seller,






  • Guest

    Way to screw your sellers, ebay!

    • Guest

      after 10 years of buying and selling excess designer items purchased on travels to italy, i am OUt of here. Lame buyers who ask for free shipping, customs fraud, complain if itme does not fit them despite detailed accutrate item measurements….No THANKS! if there are no sellers, What does ebay have anyway!!! GET a clue!!

  • Guest

    I will never understand how people can purchase anything off Ebay i have checked most things  that are there and find in most cases its cheaper buying the items from shops even online shops are cheaper or not that much difference plus you get the bonus of  "guaranteed product" so you can return it with no problems plus no feedback needed. I think its about time people stopped paying high prices for tat check out your local genral auction not a lot sells at market prices there

    • Guest

      uhh…What planet are  you on?  You have checked most things that are on ebay??? and you think you can find them cheaper other ways?  How many "things" did you check? I would be interested to see what you call "most things"….

  • Guest

    I will never understand how people can purchase anything off Ebay i have checked most things  that are there and find in most cases its cheaper buying the items from shops even online shops are cheaper or not that much difference plus you get the bonus of  "guaranteed product" so you can return it with no problems plus no feedback needed. I think its about time people stopped paying high prices for tat check out your local genral auction not a lot sells at market prices there

    • Guest

      Most of the items on ebay are just as expensive as in the stores, or from a reputable internet business with a "real" address and "real" business.  Bout the only advantage in eBay is the savings from the gas to drive to the store.  But that advantage is shot once the product is not as described or defective.

      When eBay first started years and years ago, you could actually find great deals.  Now it has mporphed into a place where sellers think their junk is worth money or they try to make even more money on the inflated shipping and "handling".

      Face it, "handling" is just a cost of doing business.  WalMart or KMart doesn’t charge the customer to "handle" the product.

      "Handling" was a concept centuries ago started by JC Penny.  Back then if you ordered a item from their catalog, it had to be shipped to you by wagon, by rail, and then by wagon to get to your little house on the prarie.  Actual people had to move it, load it, carry it, haul it, and take care of it for the two months it took to get to you.  Men had to be fed and boarded while on the road, horses had to be fed, wagons maintained, and rail freight paid.  This all cost LOTS of money.   "Handling"  is antiquated, obsolete, and is today just a way to boost the selling price of your item.

      Unless, of course, you are buying a piano or piece of furniture which has to be actually shipped by freight.



      • Guest

        You bet by God Wal*mart "charges" to handle their products!   They certainly don’t sell to their customers at the same price they pay – it is all built into the price the customer pays – its called overhead!!!

    • Guest

      I have run a shop on ebay for a couple of years and sold at the same price that the manufacturer sold direct, cant see thats a rip off. Other sellers of the same product charged more, if they get the sale rather than me or the manufacturer surely thats the buyers fault for not shopping efficiently rather than the others sellers fault. Shop around find the best deal wherever.

      I also buy quite a lot on ebay and usually find the service quick and competitive there are a lot of items you just cant find easily elsewhere.

      Like in everything let the buyer beware, I have had mainly good experiences with customers and sellers and never got a fair bad or neutral feedback from a disatisfied customer that bothered to get in touch.

      I always left feedback on despatch, before the buyer left me feedback and only ever got bad feedback once or twice from malicious customers, or ones who didnt bother to complain first and yes I did have a go at them in the reply because they are bad ebayers,but they already had the feedback they deserved for the first stage of the transaction. Feedback from sellers should be in two parts part one for payment part two so that awkward customers can be hilighted if they threaten or ask for unfair refunds.

      I dont quibble I just trade fairly and expect the same from those I deal with including ebay and pay pal.  I stopped selling on ebay due to the excessive fees that left me with about 5% return for the effort and reduced visibility which just made it impossible to get enough turnover to make it worth it at that margin. The new feedback will probably stop me coming back, thats another 500+ a month they’ve lost

      • Guest

        all you sellers thinking about going to another site to sell but you forget why ebay did this. They did research why buyers dont buy again on Ebay .And that is because of fear of negative feedback as a buyer i alway read these feedback negative and positive if the feedback is consistent with the item description.

        if you are an honest seller it will show on your feedback from buyers not nessarily only on feedback score.

        go ahead sell on another site, but customers always buy where they feel

        it’s the safest.

  • Guest

    Won an item and the seller never shipped it. He turned around and sold it to his friend. I left negative feedback because I had won the auction. I can’t bid on something and take it back afterwards and neither should the seller. After leaving negative feedback for the buyer, he turned around and left negative feedback for me. Saying it was an overall bad experience, which took away my 100% feedback. It was only a bad experience because of him not me. He renegged on the deal. Why should I get negative feedback when I paid in a timely manner and never got the item.

    • Guest

      As a seller for several years, and a 20,000++ feedback rating, I can tell you that I absolutely don’t CARE what a buyers feedback is.

      If eBay had cared about it’s sellers, which they clealy don’t, then they would have EDUCATED the buyers to NOT WORRY about their feedback, instead of protecting even the rare dishonest buyer from negative feedback at the expense of ALL sellers.

      This policy change is idiotic, and has resulted in my company starting new selling at AMAZON, Ubid, bidville, ioffer, ecrater and "onlineauctions.com" sites.  Our combined sales from these sites have now, nearly, eclipsed our eBay sales.

      It’s more work, but it’s LESS hassle!


  • Guest

    If you think things get done by ONLY thinking them through then that explains your Incorrect assesment of these ebay policies and possibly the voting choices you make.

    You obviously have not sold much on ebay.  Shutting up one side on transactions can never be a fair situation.  Is any honest citizen happy in a country governed by a dictator ?  I think not.

    Wait until 3 of your 6 buyers says "something went wrong,  I didn’t bid that much" or some other lame excuse and just leave you hanging with fees and ebay’s protection wall for the buyer.

    This exact problem happened to me just this week.  After years of nothing but great transactions. My hard work at building a 100% Positive score and my equal seller protection suddenly means nothing

    I will be looking for a new outlet.  Ebay management will not even take, much less, respond to my emails..

  • Guest

    I’m both a seller and buyer, but mostly a seller.

    I see ebay as a bully. Ebay knows it is the largest and most successful online auction site, so Ebay does what Ebay wants, no matter what and no matter who it hurts. Ebay holds many people’s livelihoods in its nasty hands and Ebay knows it and doesn’t care.  That’s a big fat ugly bully, in my opinion.

    I’d LOVE to see JUST ONE WEBSITE start up as an online auction site. JUST ONE, not many. If many people start up their own, that divides the customers and sellers up so much that none of the sites are successful and then they fold, leaving E-bully the only successful one. Too bad.


    • Sick of eBay

      eBay's new feedback policy is in my opinion the worst mistake eBay has ever made. First it skews the feedback system in favor of the buyer. Second a "neutral" has been redefined into a minus or negative value. I will be impossible for almost all sellers to have a 100% feedback anymore. The rolling 12 month rating not good, for the following  reason, it doesn't let the buyer or seller have any idea of a persons long term track record. You could in the past tell very quickly a sellers rating, and if you want to buy or bid on their item. The new system affects small sellers with a low number of feedback's in the worst way.  Customer service is nonexistent with computer generated responses. I think it's time both buyers and sellers take their business to other auction web sights.

      • Guest

        I"M GLAD to see the change!  I very seldom have a buyer leave any feedback for me until after I have left feedback.

        Once I send in the payment promptly,  I should recieve feedback because my part of the transaction ends there!

        Too many of you whinning sellers use the feedback system to extort positive feedback in an effort to boost your rating and draw more customers to your auctions and this is not the purpose of a feedback rating.  Too many times I have had no option but to leave NO FEEDBACK because I knew the asshole seller would retaliate with negative FB.

        FInally, after a decade, eBay has come to it’s senses.



        If you don’t like the new system, close your business and go find a new line of work.





        • Guest

          You are very wrong. Your part of the transaction is not completed simply by paying. Your part ends when you are satisfied & can leave positive feedback, or if you are unsatisfied have at least notified the seller & have given them a chance to make it right. If you & the seller are unable to come to terms & they are frauds, then by all means leave them feedback.  But in most cases that negative feedback will hurt them, not you (as long as you are reasonable).  I honestly buy & sell equally, and I check the buyer’s feedback before purchasing. If they have tons of negatives, forget it! But now, with the new feedback, you can’t tell an honest seller from a scam artist! Buyers are too busy holding a negative over their heads & the ones that wont bend over and take one in their tush appear to "bad sellers". So the feedback system is completely useless now anyways. (Great job eBay – glad you thought that one through!) Sellers are also unable to report NPB or unreasonable buyer (everyone knows the ones I am talking about!) to worn other sellers.  eBay should be worried about ALL eBayers being honest, not just sellers.  I am in the process of opening my own online store & when it is setup, I am done SELLING with them. Ebay can kiss my $600 a month in fees goodbye! Tthanks to eBay I have all my wonderful customers & with cheaper fees, I can offer better prices to those wonderful customers! eBay charges about 12%-15% (if you also use Paypal) – PIRATES!!!

  • Randy Barrett

     That is about the the most ridiculous post I’ve read in a while. What seller would go to the trouble to set up a Ebay store, buy 200 items they probably don’t need, all separate transactions, pay shipping on them all. Just to rip a person off?  I am, no I was a Ebay seller with a store and I worked very hard for my 100% FB rating often refunding total cost over shipping issues, all in the name of great customer service. not any more, all my hard word down the toilet with Ebay. Buyers can leave unfair and even lie about feedback and the sellers can say nothing. Well I ripped the duck tape off my mouth when I closed my store this week.

  • Guest

    Here is how the seller can sell products without being responsible for
    the quality and still be protected by ebay:

    After receiving the complain from buyer that the cellphone can’t make
    or receive calls,
    1. Response promptly and offer to replace battery
    2. Take a long time before shipping out the battery to make sure the
    buyer receives it after 7 days
    3. Tell the buyer that it’s passed the 7 days so they can purchase a
    square warranty which will work after 2 months
    4. Buyer buys warranty and submit a claim to square warranty after 2
    months. The claim is closed right away because seller reports the
    product had problem upon delivery, which is the truth.
    5. Seller completely ignores the buyer at this point of time because
    they know it’s passed the time line allowed for dispute.
    6. Ebay protects the seller although the buyer reported the whole
    incidence in detail. They can only feel bad for you.

    If even dispute can not solve the problem, how is feedback useful?!

    • Guest

      yes you can still dispute the seller if you paid with paypal by filing with paypal a dispute

  • Guest

    Seling on Feebay for 6 years, worked very hard to maintain a 100% positive feedback with zero  neutrals or negatives.  And for those of you are or were sellers on eBay you know this is no easy task.   It is common sense when it comes to the customer service aspect of a transaction, we as sellers, have a responsibiity to finalize the sale. Bring the sale to closure. The only way that is possible is through communication throughout and follow-up.  We need to ensure the buyer/s walk away satisified with their purchase and that they have had a positive and good buying experienece.   I don’t know with certainty that ALL sellers feel that way. Unfortunately, it only takes a few bad apples to ruin it for the rest of us and have used eBay as a way to sell their "crap" under false pretense.  ie: Movie DVD’s are often simply burned copies of the originals

    I don’t need Greedbay to tell me in one of their alerts that there are abusers within the system.  It really doesnt matter what the arena is, there are people out there looking for the opening that they can manipulate, cheat, scam and opportune from and they are both sellers and buyers.  Here stems a significant rise in non-paying buyers in the last year alone. The banter between buyer and seller has become commonplace and opened a whole new world to an Ebay Fightclub. I have read some pretty nasty smackdowns. Yes it is funny at first, but is it? Should we as sellers and buyers have shown more restraint by not nibbling on the neg-feedback carrot?  

    Where is my 100% feedback today?  Well thanks to a the neutral comment left by a buyer that it would appear does not read the listings before she bids, my perfect Feedback record has been tainted forever with 98.4%   Did I deserve the neutral? Well.. let me think about that…. hmm.. aaaahh.. No.  That said, I am thankful for the changes made by ebay. Without the changes I would not venture outside of my comfort level nor would it make it possible for the first time in many years for non-ebay platforms to rise to the occasion.  I believe we are at the start of a huge revolution and we should embrace it.  I am excited for the things to come and how eBay will no longer be the only game in town. We as sellers will have more control over our business and learn more about building our businesses on the internet like never before.  I mean really, who cared about SEO and meta words while they were selling their handmade jewelry on ebay?  This is an amazing time for us all and I am so very proud to be a part of it.

    Jackie D

  • Hadenough!

    I am afraid that I find the new feedback system on ebay totally unfair, both seller  and buyers should have equel rights as out there in the high street, not being able to leave a negative feedback on a bad buyer is totally out of order, I have been messed about by buyers in the past but have never left a negative feedback even though it may have been warranted. I have also had buyers who just cannot be bothered to leave a feedback even though I have left one for them so it not always the seller who is guilty of bad practice.

    Buyers can now leave any sort of  unwarranted unfair feedback on a seller and the seller cannot respond.

    Although I had a 100% positive feedback with Ebay I have now closed my account as I am not prepared to put up with the rubbish they are dishing out to genuine sellers who are now in a posItion where they are waiting with baited breath for someone to say something nasty about them and spoil their repution as a seller  even if they don’t deserve it.

    Ebay should remember that it is the sellers who pay the fees and not the buyers, by all means get rid of the bad sellers registered with them but give the genuine ones a break and  get to work on a better feedback system than the present one in place. Many genuine  sellers who run a business on Ebay must be absolutely incensed at what is happening, I am so angry even as a small seller even though I  was only selling  vintage items which I have collected over the years and now wish to dispose of.

    Many  business sellers are solely dependent on Ebay as they have ‘put all their eggs in one basket’ – there are plenty of other on-line auction sites out there,  the answer is simple if you are not satisfied with the present feedback system you canalways leave Ebay and register elsewhere, there is life after Ebay  at the end of the day, Ebay have really put their foot in it this time as many will close their account,  just watch those profits fall!


  • Guest

    ebay, this is a JOKE .Ebay keeps making small changes that nets them millions and breaks the small dealers they care nothing about the folks! the customers WHO make them the size they are. Simple answer is customers need to move off ebay and show them without out customers ! without people? they have no business. Ebay is only in charge because we did not speak up loud enough to make them back off. EBAY thinks they own your business and ebay believes they have every right to run it ..your business with unfair policy changes and new rules. A business owner can not run any kind of business on floating policies and rules. Ebay changed there download policy and the cost of selling your downloads shot up ten times higher??? wow and said it was for our own good. I quit ebay!! I had fantasy feedback and lots of customers BUT I REFUSE to have a rental company tell me how I have to run my business, they rent space they do not own us.


    ebay controls what and who gets to say what.

    A non ebay company (other then ebay) should run the feeback to insure fair trade and fair feedback.

  • Guest

    What a disaster the new feedback policy is.  The scamming, blackmailing, non paying buyers are coming out of the woodwork on E-bay now.  Sellers are now getting E-mails from buyers telling them to refund the money for purchases  without  returning the product or they will NEG the seller!!   I have had a multitude of non paying buyers lately and I have no recourse whatsoever.  Just the stupid UPI strike that E-bay swears by. 

  • pual…

    they guy said no neg feedback needs to jump off a bridge….


    my feedback was 100% 2 months ago….. no down to 98%….. ppl are slaming my used parts…. i cant do shit about thim giving me neg feedback!!

  • Melinda

    I cannot begin to tell you how upset the new feedback system has made me and millions of sellers. This is a direct violation of the consitutional right of FREEDOM OF  SPEECH and FREEDOM TO CHOOSE!. We are forced into leaving a postive or no feedback comment at all for buyers who are dishonest. I now have buyers coming out of the woodwork who use items, return them and demand money, and non paying bidders.   I now have my own policy that no matter how wonderful the buyer is, I leave NO feedback whatsoever. If ebay can remove my right to choose and my right to a comment of my choice, I refuse to leave any feedback and increase buyers positive rating. I have had people openly lie in feedback and ebay refuses to correct the problem. It is SELLERS who pay ebay fees, NOT BUYERS!! If we leave selling on ebay they will go belly up! What poetic justice. Now, about the nuetral….hey GreedBay….neutral means ‘neither good or bad’ WHY should that LOWER our score????  This is so wrong on so many levels.   Please sellers…band together. We make or break ebay if we LEAVE them. We should not have our choices removed from us. SELLERS are the ones who support ebay, NOT BUYERS! I do not care what ebay says the buyers…GOOD ONES…will come.  Now Greedbay has opened the flood gates for dishonest buyers who waste our time, money and use our items…FOR FREE, Thank You…and the sellers get screwed.   What recourse do sellers have, NOTHING!

    • Guest

      Im guessing youre one of those sellers who doesnt leave feedback for the buyer until they leave feedback for you.

      Shame on you!

      • Guest

        You betcha I will not leave feedback until the sale is completely closed and the buyer has left me a positive feed back.  Buyers are very aware how to use the current system against the sellers and that’s the only way I know to protect myself…small though it may be.

        But then, Ebay says I am a bad seller.  Out of over 600 Feedbacks I got a neutral about 5 months ago.  Didn’t bother ebay at first, but then they lowered my perfect score.  Then a really rude buyer/seller who knew the ropes tried to bully me into sending them a $12.00 rebate on her item.  I refused, so she dinged me good.  First negative I ever got.  Now ebay says I’m such a bad seller and need to brush up on my manners, and as such, will not show my items except at the bottom of the barrel. 

        Sellers give Ebay a lot of money every month.  How much do the Buyers give them?

      • No! Shame On You!!

        Why on Earth would a seller leave a positive feedback until the transaction has been completed? For one second, let’s pretend you are actually a SELLER , NOT a BUYER! (I buy & sell equally) You sell something properly described & plenty of photos. A person purchases that item & makes a speedy payment. You then post POSITIVE feedback. The buyer receives the item, send you an all to famous "I assumed this would be…" letter stating they want a full refund or you pay to return the item & they want 100% refund. You as the seller are now being taken advantage of because the buyer failed to look at the pictures, failed to read the description, or just plain changed their mind"  because YOU HAVE ALREADY LEFT FEEDBACK!  Buyers can be unreasonable & extremely rude, even with your best of best costumer service! When the buyer is satisfied & has posted feedback for the seller, THAT is when the transaction has been completed. I have had 3 buyers leave unfavorable feedback in my 3000+ transactions. All three of those feedbacks where not deserved! 1. Customer expected me to pay their Duty Taxes – left feedback before contacting me  2. Buyer ASSUMED item came with a box – left feedback before contacting me  3. Buyer purchased an item, ASSUMED there was an extra piece (not listed or pictured) & wanted to keep the item for free. I offered to accept a return on the item, but would not pay for return cost due to the fact that the item was clearly photographed & described.  They said, No – I will just keep it. Then the SAME Day they switched the feedback system, (DAYS LATER) they left me an neutral (which counts as a negative).

        So P.S Sellers – you can NOT leave any NEGATIVE information even in a  POSITIVE feedback. So go ahead you NPB & unreasonable buyers, have fund taking advantage of those HONEST Sellers. Hopefully someone will start up an HONEST auction site so we can ditch eBay!!

      • No! Shame On You!!

        Why on Earth would a seller leave a positive feedback until the transaction has been completed? For one second, let’s pretend you are actually a SELLER , NOT a BUYER! (I buy & sell equally) You sell something properly described & plenty of photos. A person purchases that item & makes a speedy payment. You then post POSITIVE feedback. The buyer receives the item, send you an all to famous "I assumed this would be…" letter stating they want a full refund or you pay to return the item & they want 100% refund. You as the seller are now being taken advantage of because the buyer failed to look at the pictures, failed to read the description, or just plain changed their mind"  because YOU HAVE ALREADY LEFT FEEDBACK!  Buyers can be unreasonable & extremely rude, even with your best of best costumer service! When the buyer is satisfied & has posted feedback for the seller, THAT is when the transaction has been completed. I have had 3 buyers leave unfavorable feedback in my 3000+ transactions. All three of those feedbacks where not deserved! 1. Customer expected me to pay their Duty Taxes – left feedback before contacting me  2. Buyer ASSUMED item came with a box – left feedback before contacting me  3. Buyer purchased an item, ASSUMED there was an extra piece (not listed or pictured) & wanted to keep the item for free. I offered to accept a return on the item, but would not pay for return cost due to the fact that the item was clearly photographed & described.  They said, No – I will just keep it. Then the SAME Day they switched the feedback system, (DAYS LATER) they left me an neutral (which counts as a negative).

        So P.S Sellers – you can NOT leave any NEGATIVE information even in a  POSITIVE feedback. So go ahead you NPB & unreasonable buyers, have fund taking advantage of those HONEST Sellers. Hopefully someone will start up an HONEST auction site so we can ditch eBay!!

      • Guest

        shame on you for assuming, in future keep your thoughts to yourself.

        • Guest

          What is a dishonest buyer?

          You certainly dont send the merchandise before you recieve payment, do you?

          So, a buyer has met their obligation (100%) as soon as you receive timely payment.  Holding positive feedback hostage until you receive feedback is just plain wrong. 

          If the sellers just make sure they dont mislead anyone, everything will be OK.  I realize this takes the power away from you (the seller) but thats how its been for the buyers since the beginning.  Get used to it.

          • Guest

            Actually, a buyer’s responsibility is not over with once they make their payment. It is a buyer’s responsibility to also receive and inspect their item, and report any problems or concerns and make an honest attempt to work them out with their seller before leaving feedback. Not until a seller has the chance to do their best to provide the customer service necessary to make sure their buyer is happy with their purchase should feedback be left by the seller.

      • small timer

        though I guess that’ll have to change now…I used to do it to make sure everyone (me and the buyer) was 100% happy before EITHER of us left feedback.

      • Guest

        If you receive the item in good order. Leave feedback. Then I will too. Otherwise. Shame on you.

  • Elizabeth


    I truly believe that eBay has gone crazy with their changes in the feedback system. It used to be a Seller could protect themselves from rotten buyers by leaving them negative feedback which also helps to let other sellers know that this potential buyer is big trouble. Now the Seller can not protect themselves from these rotten buyers.

    Just recently I had a lady win a necklace from me at auction. The lady paid fast so I thought fantastic, means a potential positive feedback since the necklace was in excellent condition. Boy was I wrong!!!!!!

    This lady sends me a message stating that the necklace had become unstrung and the string was is the box where the beads had fallen into. I replied to her message because for one thing I was a bit confused…..the necklace that I had shipped her was created with beading wire and not string so I thought maybe she had my necklace confused with a different one she might have ordered.

    I offered to restring the necklace and also send her a free pair of matching earrings since I wanted her to be a happy customer. I also had ask her to send me a picture of the unstrung necklace and the shipping packaging, thought maybe by a photo I might see what might have happened.

    The shipping packaging was in good shape and the unstrung necklace had the tell tale signs of being cut. Does this mean that because I had ask her for a photo of the unstrung necklace that she cut it? Who know for sure, maybe.

    She threatened me with negative feedback and when she sent me the photo she had already left me negative feedback. I left her positive……big mistake should have left her nothing………My 100% feedback rating dropped down to 94% and she still has 100%. Not fair at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JT

      The new policy is great and should have been put in place years ago.

      A buyer meets their requirements as soon as payment is received by the buyer.  At that point, the seller should enter positive feedback.  Not after the buyer enters feedback.

      I purchased a item for $3.50 on ebay recently and paid $3.50 for shipping.  I paid immediately.  When I received the item it wasnt what was pictured.  In fact it was quite different.  I contacted the seller and he said that I should return the item and he would refund my money plus the original shipping.  I explained to him that taking the time package and return an item for $3.50 wasnt worth my the time or expense.

      Considering he knowingly sold an item that was different than what was photographed, in my mind, he should have sent me a check for $7.  He didnt agree.  I never left feedback because he threatened to retaliate with negative feedback.




      • Guest

        So, in other words you wanted a "free" item? Would you think to pull this crap in an ‘off-line’ store? Walk into a store, say… this item I purchased isn’t quite what I thought it was, so I want a refund. But… I want to keep what I bought.

        Ha! You’d be laughed out of the store! You don’t ask for a refund expecting to keep the purchase! Anywhere!



      • Guest

        The problem here is you should have returned the item. The policy would have been the same if you purchased it in a store.

        I as a seller make my best effort to accomidate the buyer, but the the buyer must at least be willing to come to terms. If I am wrong in the listing and the buyer is polite and properly contacts me prior to feedback, I make my best effort, including full refunds PLUS return shipping, but the buyer must return it.  NO department stor is just going to hand you a $7 check without having the item returned IN HAND. Why should it be any different on line.

        As for feedback.. Feedback was originally set up to provide a safe and trustworhty environment where buyer and seller were forced to be willing to work things out.  Now, it is as if the sellers are offered no protection by those FEW and I mean few buyers who are not interested in being fair. That is a problem. The trust is gone. The change for this reason as quoted by Brian Burke, eBay’s director og global feedback:

        "What we discovered through reasearch was that any negative feedback that the buyer gets reduces their purchasing or willingness to purchase within the marketplace."

        So, there it goes.. a one sided attempt at evening the playing field. I pay on average $2000 – $3000 per year in listing and selling fees to ebay for selling trains as a hobby, NOT my income.  If I had another option of selling at this point, I would move in a heartbeat. It is NO longer a fair and safe place to trade.

      • Guest

        I both sell and buy on Ebay, but because I have been ripped off by too many dishonest sellers out there, I buy only on occasion because it has ended in disappointment too many times. I recently bought an item that was obviously not as described (the seller listed a pair of shoes as the wrong size because they “seemed” to be cut more like that size) and they were clearly used although listed as new. Not to mention that they also charged 3x the cost of postage and claimed to have incurred extra costs because they had purchased “special packaging”. Turns out they shipped the shoes in an old battered shoebox and free USPS priority packaging!! I politely emailed the seller and they refused to accept a return, arguing that the size was correct and they were new. I filed a paypal claim and won, but I was still responsible for paying the return shipping. I don’t think I should have to pay anything out of pocket when the seller was clearly at fault here. At least now I can leave a negative feedback when it is all done and over with, and this one would be well-deserved.

  • Sienna
    Collective effort needed

    I have been a low volume seller and buyer in the UK for many years and I am also experiencing the sudden dramatic rise of the NPB. My last item was costly, but like many others I am wary of lodging an unpaid item dispute through fear of receiving a totally unwarranted and now un-defendable negative. So I will never recover my FV fees. I also received an aggressive, accusatory email full of questions AFTER auction end from an ID with feedback of 100+.
    These types of situations are completely unreasonable. Sellers are the foundation (not to mention the bread and butter) of EBay but we are being treated without any respect or fairness. From just this thread it is apparent that its not just the scammers that are now happily abusing the *new* system.
    I think a collective global effort is needed to get our voices heard; we all need to stand up together and shout until we are heard.  Sellers should get together in big numbers and write constantly to the press, the business press, the national press, radio television programs like watchdog, and we should keep doing it until the noise becomes too loud for Ebay to ignore.  Or is there such a movement already?
    To avoid feedback being used as leverage perhaps a blind system could be implemented where neither the buyer nor seller knows what has been written until both have been completed?  Anything has got to be better than this; and it’s just going to get worse.
    EBay/ PP need some healthy competition – anyone know if Google is planning an auction site any time soon?



    • Guest

      I think your idea about blind feedback is a great idea. I am surprised that Ebay managers didn’t put more time into researching the underlying Game Theory in order to come up with a fairer and more accurate feedback system.

      Really – Allow positive, neutral or negative feedback from both sellers and buyers, or no feedback at all – but don’t show the results to either until a week or two has gone by, then post the results and not permit changes.

      Additionally, such a two week delay should be extended for final results if either party has filed a dispute or interim hold with Ebay on the transaction notifying them that there is an informal dispute going on that has not yet been resolved.

      And finally, if there is a unresolvable dispute, both sides of the story should be able to present their positions in the feedback area, with links to further information on the matter and/or documentation.

      That is the way to do it, not muffle any source of reliable information on the credibility of a buyer or seller.

  • steve atylor

    The Ebay feedback sytem is totally wrong mathmatically and ethically and if dont believe people know the truth look at Google’s web trends.The unique hits on the site have been trending DOWN since the news about the feedback became generally known.THE SHIP IS SINKING SLOWLY BUT SURELY.GIVE BRIAN AND GRIIF BUCKETS AND START EM’ BAILING!!!!!

    • ken


  • http://www.gamecia.com Game Dealer for PS3, Wii & Xbox 360

    I really liked eBay for years.  I bought and sold classic games like Super Nintendo, N64, Playstation and Xbox.  Most of that time I was a buyer only.  Then… I decided to sell on eBay.  I maintained a 100% positive rating and always gave full refunds including shipping and handling… without ever being asked for it.  I really wanted to take care of my customer. I bought top quality photo equipment to give great detail to the games I was selling.  If there was so much as a pencil mark on a game … I wanted it to show in the picture.  I care and I know most gamers care too.   With the new rules they have and the new method of calculating feedback… I dropped from 100% to 97%.  Bottom line is… eBay isn’t worth my time or money as a seller anymore.  If a customer is happy… basically happy but not super happy… they give you a neutral… which is now adjusted off the positive numbers.  I took pride in my feedback… now, it’s worthless and doesn’t tell the story.  I still give full refunds … but, I don’t sell on eBay anymore.  I even find it more difficult when purchasesing an item.  I don’t know if the feedback score is skewd or really negative.

    I’ve since turned to other on-line sales houses for buying and selling games and game consoles … and life is now good! ;-)

    • Guest


  • http://www.redondo.com/ funfactory7

    I am considering a class action suit against Ebay for
    ruining the reputation of Ebay Sellers.

    In my situation a buyer in Canada bought two items.   I do not ship Internationally.  I got two negative feedbacks because I didn’t ship.

    Ebay calls this person my buying partner and allows the feedback to stand.

    A buyer should meet the selling requirements to be allowed to give feedback.  In this case, and I am sure many others,  Ebay is intrinsically wrong and should pay.

    Anyone want to play?

    • Guest

      Your suite will never make it.  Your attorney will tell you this.

    • small timer

      …so how did this Canadian manage to win two of your auctions if you don’t even ship outside of the U.S.? Did you not set up the listing to preclude it? You can, you know – non-U.S. bids are automatically rejected. From what little you say this sounds like your fault for not setting up the listing right, not the Canadian’s.

      • Guest


        • Guest

          Infiltrated! Come on, stop cutting and pasting your listig info. All a buyer looks at is if the item is available to them on the tombstone portion of the listing. That is the sellers responsibility.

    • Brandon

      How about this…I "sold" an item on ebay…they "buyer" decided they wanted a local pickup, which I do allow, however after the auction ended, they stated a small window of time where I could meet them to deliver the item, of they would have been happy to stop by my home.  I stated this was not OK and we could meet at a public place during the week.

      Nothing I offered was acceptable, after almost two weeks of this, I stated I would just mail the item and requested them to pay via Paypal.

      The next response was them leaving me negative feedback!!  It is my first and only negative feedback!!

      This is absurd. 

    • Guest

      email me mschr123@yahoo.com

      let’s get a list going and see what we’ve got.

      i’m really pissed at ebay for ruining the reputation i tried so hard to build over 6 years by a person with a private feeback and member for 3 weeks.


    • Guest

      How did a Canadian even bid on your itme in the first place. You must have listed it wrong. Ebay will not even let a Canadian bid if the buyer stipulated that he item is only for the USA. That is your protection. If you listed it wrong and a Canadian bid, then you are obligated to sell and ship. This was your mistake and nothing Ebay did.

  • Guest

    The new chief at Ebay has chosen a new direction for his company – they want fixed price sales from large companies like Buy.com, Walmart, etc. , and that should be expected as they grow into a multi-faceted marketplace.  What I don’t understand is why they have chosen to treat their current client base SO BADLY now that they have made this shift.  They have MILLIONS of buyers and sellers who like the auction format – why not let them continue this way, even if that part of the site is de-emphasized on the home page?  In stead, they have chosen to make life tough for small to mid-size sellers, instituted policies that are blatantly unfair & then villified the sellers.  In addition, they have used the feedback change to drive a wedge between seller & buyer, making them adversaries rather than trading partners.  While Ebay has us fighting with each other, they are raising fees, burying our listings in favor of big-box sellers, and ignoring the policies that are supposed to protect us from fraud on their site.  This is NOT an accident – it’s the result of an evil genius who has now found a way to punish sellers who slow down sales & can even use positive feedback as an excuse to punish us.  Now they don’t have to chase us out, many just want to leave on our own.   I wish they put half that much effort into developing their customer service – just TRY to get anything but a polite, canned response from them when you have a problem.  Lotsa luck!

         Once the large sellers use their Ebay presence to siphon off buyers & direct them to their own web sites, I hope someone at Ebay comes to their senses and makes an effort to retain the customer base that has helped Ebay grow to their current enormous size.  In the mean time, I’m hoping that even ONE other auction site will come along and scoop up those of us who want to move on.

    • Guest

      you have a very good handle on the situation. i think the problem is that people do not listen to us “normal joe” buyers and sellers. its the people that feel that they are “entitled” that become difficult do deal with. they are having other problems in their lives and take it out on their day to day dealings..ie ebay, restaurants etc. i worked for lexus for 15 years and our policy was to treat people as if they were a guest in our own homes. problem is, i wouldnt invite quite a few of them into my home. they try to take advanage, they are rude and just plain difficult to deal with. this, unfortunately is what makes us unique and we cant expect everyone to think like our “normal joe” litmus test! Remebmer, we spend 95% of our time trying to satisfy those 5% who are a pain! i have lost sleep over ebay transaction that have gotten out of my control. my feelings have been hurt and my integrity questioned. in a face to face world, its simple to deal with, because people hide behind the computer and wouldnt as readily act as foolishly and mean as they would in person. i just keep telling myself that this too shall pass. they have lost millions in sales and will make a change OR why dont a few of us start our own selling auction site and make a bundle, but stick to our original mission statement and goals? Fair people with Fair prices with Fair profits! I’m willing to try it..anyone game??? You WOULD need decent feedback scores, though!! thanks for listening.. Bill

  • Guest

    Theres nothing wrong with this system, a buyers sole job is to pay.  All too often sellers woulf wait to see the buyers feedback until they gave their own.  If you dont like it, you dont have to sell on ebay.  If someone has paid you for an item, they deserve positive feedback.  Thats it.

    • Guest

      So a Buyer can pay as you say and then immediately leave a seller negative feedback for whatever reason they want?  My item got damaged in shipping and I am very mad at the seller therefor he deserves negative feedback, to be verbally abused and ridiculed, threatened.  Without ever giving the seller a chance to fix the problem with the shipment that is fully insured and can easily be replaced.

      At least before when a rookie Ebay buyer leaves neglegent and unfair feedback it was possible for the seller to contact them and work out the problem to get the unfair feedback removed. Now the feedback is written in stone, no matter how nice and honest and fair the Ebay seller is. 

      An over reaction from an inexperienced Ebay buyer should be reflected in a seller’s feedback proile not matter what???  That is insane.

      I can tell you that the fear of negative feedback is what will get the seller to fix the problem immediately and promptly. But if the buyer leaves the negative feedback without contacting the seller first…. Why should the seller even lift a finger to fix the shipping damage problem …. Since the damage has already been done to their feedback reputation, and there is nothing they can do to fix that.  

      I agree that there are probably some problems with the retaliatory feedback from sellers, but this Ebay policy change is deinately not the answer. And killing the "mutual feedback withdrawal" process makes ebay an very unfair marketplace or sellers.

    • Guest

      Wow, I am a buyer and a seller.  And your comment that nothing is wrong with the feedback is pretty offensive.  Are you kidding me. Maybe you might be a good buyer. But there are idiot buyers all over the place.  A customer was upset because I did not inform him before I shipped it. And after I explained to him that the only reason why I did not inform him is because I tried to surprise him by shipping it before his payment (because I dealt with him before)  And that it was impossible to inform him before shipping because of the fact that I shipped it out the same day.  He paid 3 days later and was in Canada. Do you know that he got the package a day after he paid and kept focusing on why I did not tell him ahead of time that I was shipping it instead of thinking. WOW, that was awesome.  Or a customer in Australia that paid $59 shipping and it cost us $69.50. Complained about shipping when we took a $10 loss! A customer like that should be dealt with by ebay.. They should be held accountable. So what, you paid right away.. It has nothing to do with the overall experience between the buyer and seller.  I am a fair buyer and I would never treat a seller the way some of these idiots do.  Whats worse is some buyers dont even communicate, they just blindly throw the wrong feedback at you. and if feedback is supposed to factually reflect the transaction. Then ebay should be held legally liable to protect both the seller and the buyer.  Not just one side. 

      • Guest

        ebay is absolutly the worst! they selectivly enforce their policy at will. i recently was given an unpaid item strike unfairly. i emailed my seller numerous times, without getting a response. i even contacted ebays live help who did nothing. i rightfully left this seller neg feedback. then the harrassment started. nasty emails every hour on the hour. she even threatened me with her "navy seal" husband. the emails finally stopped after i went to law enforcement. do you know what ebay did? they removed my neg i left her. when contacted as to why they did this, i was given no adequate answer.but, when i had been given a neg unfairly and even was able to prove to ebay that i shouldnt have received it , i was told that they could not remove neg feedbacks! they have a definate double standard. if your a big seller they will bend over backwards for you, but if your a little guy ,they could care less. i hope that someone will start a site that will bury them! i will never do business with them again.

        • Guest


    • Guest


      • Guest


    • Guest

      Uhmmmm….. no.  If a buyer pays is not good enough for a positive feedback.  I had a buyer demand overnight shipping on an item or I would get reported.  The problem was I had only charged the buyer $10 in the auction.  It would have cost me over $50 to overnight it.  I ended up with a Neg.  Why shouldn’t I be allowed to return the "favor"?

  • Guest

    A buyer from Australia paid us $59 to ship the product to him.  We went to the post office and it actually cost us $69.50 and never once asked the customer for the difference. The customer gave us a 4 out of 5 for ship cost. Which is clearly wrong and ebay will not let us show proof.  It should of been removed because ebay is allowing people to post false information and if it can easily be proved they are wrong, ebay should give that platform to do so.  I am a buyer and a seller and I hate their policies. The only reason why they are giving the shaft to the seller is because they still have a monopoly. I bet you 1 million dollars that the day another company knocks them off their stoop. They will be changing so many things to try and keep the sellers.  Because believe me, I would jump ship in 2 seconds over their horrible customer service and lack of protection to good sellers.  that’s a real shame that their system is designed where it is literally impossible to keep a 100% rating.  And believe me, I spoil my customers from start to finish and I still have the idiots ruining my dashboard rating even when they are clearly wrong.  Even a woman that accidently left me a less than 5 star rating told ebay she mistakenly did that.  Ebay refused to remove it even after she said it was her own fault.

    • Guest

      Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself re. the subject, after reading the tear dripping story about the shipping to Australia. When the seller her-/himself has miscalculated S&H, they can only blame themselves for that and it is certainly not something to complain about afterwards. When the buyer’s gives detailed seller ratings, it is anonymous and the seller is only showed AVERAGES. Can’t see how it makes any sense that a seller should think out that this or that buyer must have given such or such rating and then contact eBay to complain about it, asking for it to be removed.  If a seller truly is honest and provides good service, both feedback and ratings will show it in the long run. And I bet that we will have to get used to sellers having lower feedback percentages, because buyers for the first time EVER can be HONEST. I have a perfect feedback and never gave even one negative. But I have been downright defrauded by several sly and horrible sellers who have threatened me with negative feedback and ruining my feedback score if I dare give them a negative. E.g. as one seller who charged me around $100 EXTRA for upgraded shipping and sent the item off surface/boat for $15 and refused to refund me after first telling me over and over again that they would do so, effectively stalling until it was too late to report them. Eventually I had to give up, as they wouldn’t even answer my mails, even if I was nice and polite to them all the time (something they sure weren’t!). God only knows how many others they have done that to, I bet I’m one amongst many. In my book stealing $100 from somebody is a quite big deal. And, yes, I admit it, I let myself be threatened by bad sellers, as many others, not wanting retaliatory feedback ruining my perfect score. I am always generous with positive, individualized feedback to good sellers and now also taking time with detailed rating.  I honestly think that this change will be a good thing for sellers and buyers both in the long run, as long as eBay is focussing on what they say they will be, on handling reports from sellers re. the real bad buyers. They need to get caught and booted off eBay, we don’t need them there, just as we don’t need those dishonest sellers. And we all need to participate in the community control eBay is based on, by reporting the ones who are out to be dishonest. I e.g. try to do my deal by searching for fraudulent auctions and reporting suspicious listings, something many others do too. Most buyers and sellers have one thing in common, they want eBay to be a great place for us all. 

      And, BTW, I always use toolhaus.org to check the neutrals and negatives for a seller. A good seller that gets negatives from buyers who are inexperienced, unfair etc., is quite easy to see in that environment, especially if the seller also post follow-up in an objective and factual manner (also a great way of seeing what kind of seller you are dealing with, their comments to buyers often speaks volumes!).

      • Guest

        A bunch of BS.

      • Guest


    • Guest

      Well, after 9 years of selling on Ebay, I just experienced my first, truly devastating experience. I got two negative feed backs, from the same buyer, no chance to resolve the issue, no warning, nothing. Ebay chooses to do nothing about it, I cannot leave anything but positive comments and feedback for the buyer.

      Hopefully there is a movement starting, that will pick up steam to find alternatives to Ebay. Like you, I bend over cater to buyers, absorb minimal shipping costs and some idiot ruins my 9 year track record of 100% seller rating.

      I will bend over backwards, but not forwards.

  • http://www.newfoundlandbusinesses.ca Newfoundland Business Directory

    Tough for businesses now to make a living using Ebay.  The margins are so thin on many items that the Ebay fees cut into profits.  I’m sure that there will be someone who comes along and does it right … Web 2.0 For Auctions or something.

  • http://www.grayad.com Classified

    I have given up on ebay and moved on.  I sell things on the cheap and when it cost more to sell it’s time to move on.

  • http://vb.maas1.com/f122.html ???? ???????

    yes you can still dispute the seller if you paid with paypal by filing with paypal a dispute

  • mike

    I’m actually considering starting a class action suit against ebay for feeback negligence.  In sum, I proved the following and ebay did nothing after 4 emails to them.

    1. buyer through ebay messages said he would use feedback extortion.

    2. buyer then left negative feedback under seperate account which he also used to shill bid on his other listings as evidenced in him leaving feedback for himself as well!! and admitting  this to me in ebay messages.

    3. shill bidding is a federal offense (google it). i went from 10 people a day interested in my auction to 1 a month (based on interest messages sent to me and bids) because my feedback dropped so much from this incident. the same guy left negative feedback for alot of people as well and then puts in his ads that he’s got 100% feedback and is a trusted seller.

    4. in my feeback buyer then went in under another account and said that both accounts were his and that he made a mistake (but the negative stayed and my feedback dropped 15%.

    thanks ebay. thanks for not helping and causing the loss of income.


  • http://www.m4s73r.com/ Internet Marketing Indonesia

    thanks for your article. Very help me. I will more like visit to webpronews site. :) Fantastic

  • http://www.selfhelp-hypnosis.com selfhelp-hypnosis.com

    Imagine this … two scenarios for the past month
    Seller been trading on ebay for 3 years – prior to this month 100% pos+ feedback – many many very happy customers as seller goes out of her way to be friendly and helpful.

    Transaction #1
    You list an item – it sells to a 0 feedback buyer who bid at the last minute. Buyer does not pay – email daily, emails ignored
    You lodge an unpaid item complaint. buyer pays – just before complaint automatically closes.
    You ship item (buyer wont pay for insurance, just basic post)
    Buyer leaves neg feedback that item never arrived
    Buyer lodges item not received complaint via paypal
    Paypal freezes funds while they pretend to investigate
    Paypal wont accept post office receipt as proof of payment,
    wanted tracking number etc only available here if you pay for registered post – much more expensive than normal post buyer only paid for normal post) paypal returns buyers payment.
    Seller now has 1 negative comment, no payment and no item plus is out of pocket for sellers fees and postage.
    Buyer cant even leave a neg to warn other sellers.

    Transaction #2
    Item sells – all details clearly listed in listing.
    Buyer ignores invoices for a week.
    Buyer emails complaining about shipping and handling (clearly listed and fair fees – buyer knew fees before they bid)
    Reply to buyer that postage is not negotiable as I only charge exact fees – no handling – and ask again for payment.
    Buyer states that if postage is not given for free they will be unhappy and might have to leave a negative feedback.
    Seller passes email onto ebay as buyer is breaching ebays rules by attempting feedback extortion. Ebay does nothing!
    Seller gives buyer option to either pay or cancel transaction as postage must be paid as I cant afford to post it for free.
    Buyer pays after rude abusive emails with revolting insults, and said if seller cancel they will leave negative and bid on all my listings to cause trouble. (against ebays rules)
    Seller emails ebay about the situation “copy and paste” reply received advising of sellers responsibility to complete transactions.
    Seller posts item – as soon as email sent to buyer to notify its posted buyer leaves negative feedback about condition of item that they haven’t even got yet – refers to seller in feedback as a scammer.
    Seller contacts ebay about negative feedback and explains whole situation including full proof with emails etc asking for feedback to be removed.
    Feedback stays – seller left with bad UNFAIR feedback and no way to warn other sellers as no neg can be left for buyer.

    Seller now has 2 negative comments that are unfair, reduce listing ranking and higher fees

    This is on top of 4 other NPB this month (3 were 0 feedback buyers – no way to block them) – and I am paying ebay for this !!!!!!

    I have some listings left but as soon as they sell Im out of here – I may not be your biggest customer ebay, but I am not leaving alone and without sellers say goodbye to your buyers!

  • Guest

    I also feel Ebay’s policy is unfair. I have more often than not been the buyer and NEVER have I experience blackmail or negative feedback from a Seller. I have, however, felt the sting of ebay’s new feedback policy.
    I am not a high volume seller, I am a private individual who mostly buys and sells only occasionally.
    Last month I sold 3 items, one person rated shipping low (even though it arrived within the time period stated) and the other two buyers have not left any feedback. I have left them both positive feed back. This caused my seller raiting to drop below 4.1 (it is at 4.03) and I cannot sell for a month, or until I can beg the other two buyers to leave feedback. but I ask you. How is this fair?
    For the small ebayer this policy spells disaster. I plan to do my selling elsewhere.

    • Guest


  • vlincoln

    goodbye ebay from this seller, craigslist is my new venue

    craigslist lookers and buyers are finding out how to find
    usa listings for items they are looking for using google search,
    and sellers on craigslist are finding out to let buyers know that
    they will ship items and how much shipping will be.$

    craigslist is the NEW ebay, with better seller relations.

    too bad for ebay, they appear dead due to their management.

  • Guest

    I can no longer spot sellers to avoid because they are forced to leave only positive feedback. Before, I could spot sellers to avoid by the nature of the feedback they left for others. How can I buy with confidence now unless it’s from a seller I bought from before the new feedback policy and already know? By the way….that number is growing smaller. And what of all the nonpaying bidders that cannot get negatives that would help warn sellers, that drive bidding prices up to the point where they win then don’t pay when I would have paid?

    • http://www.baconsdozen.co.uk/specail.htm baconsdozen

      Would you pay anyone to advertise your stuff,who charges you wether you sell it or not,Whos customer service is absolutely hopeless,who will not speak to you on the phone or give you an address to write to,who demands you use their own expensive bank,who fixes the price you can charge to post,who allows your customers to publish lies and nonsense about you but denies you the right of reply and swaps and changes all rules at the drop of a hat.
      You would?
      You must just love ebay.

      • Kathryn B

        eBay soooooooooo SUCKS! After almost 6 years of perfect feedback-I got a negative from someone who didn’t even give me a chance to even respond if there was a problem. I contacted eBay 2x over this and was ignored-screw you, eBay.

        • Guest

          yeah,screw ebay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Guest

        liable for that damage and if taken to court would most likely be wipped out by judgement settlements to damaged sellers. These people know very well what they are doing is wrong but until some one holds them accountable for the damage that they have done they will not change.

        Ebay sent invitations to people to join the “team”, they encouraged sellers to work hard, build a good reputation and feedback score, then with out any real reasons they began to change all of the rules and regulations in such a way a seller could have 10 years of hard work ruined in a weeks time.

        A class action law suit is in order against Ebay and Donahoe for damages resulting from a planned and deliberate act of wrong doing to the sellers on the site knowingly causing many to loose everything they have worked for years to aquire. These people should be held accountable for the losses that they have caused for thousands of sellers. They now have so many law suits that one would have to stand in line to file one.

    • Guest

      Is when a buyer bids, wins, and doesn’t pay. You’re still stuck paying the damn feebay listing, selling fees.

  • Guest Carly Corday

    Would ya believe that when eBay changed their policy on feedback, I thought they

    • Guest


    • Guest

      ya must be a fucking stupid guy,and I wonder if you’re born to be a member of ebay team.
      Ebay is as fucking as you !!!!!!!

  • http://forum.5voq.com Guest

    Since its establishment after sparking uproar in the Valley Asalkon keen to move the site for its quality and this is now proved much
    Surprisingly, the matter is that Microsoft did not try to buy the site

  • http://www.qualityclotheslines.net/melbmet.html Melbourne clotheslines

    I got sick of ebay so i opened the Melbourne clotheslines shop. Anyone can do it. I sell far more clotheslines on my own shop than i did on ebay. Ebay think they own the web, show them that they do not.

    • http://www.baconsdozen.co.uk Kevin Bacon

      I agree with Melbourne coneslines.Get your own site and spend time promoting it.No fees,no hassle with feedback and no paypal.I did it,selling tools with my web site Baconsdozen and it’s a big relief not to have to rely on ebay with its self destruct policies to sell your goods.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/gasmg ocdgirl2000

    What comes around, goes around. Now take a look at ebay, thanks to their policies of rewarding the wrong customers.

    Their loyal sellers had enough. Now they are leaving. The Ebay CEO’s did not improve their site, they ruined it. It’s too late now.

    • Guest

      He has single handedly ruined a site that took years to build and in doing so also ruined thousands of helpless sellers who have worked hard to gain decent reputations, with his new feedbacj rules many have already seen damage to there profiles and a rise in no pay bidders.

      The feedback and the DSR deal is a joke, hell, half the time you can miss hitting a button or it does not light up when you hit it and the seller ends up with a blimish on his performance record for no reason other than a glitch in the program.

      This is a breeding ground for extortion and confusion. I have sold on ebay for over 9 years and have see a 40% or better decline in the amount of listings over the last year, the math tells me that ebay is loosing millions each month in lost sales since this Donahoe took over and it will only get worse, their stock is on its way to worthless and I believe you are right it is too late for them to pull their nose up before the crash.

  • http://www.elevatingshoes.com Skye

    eBay Changes a lot for women? But i think it is still in high fee. Right? Do you know www.taobao.com from China? It is total free, and the alipay is total free. Our shoes WWW.ELEVATINGSHOES.COM selling online store are sold in taobao too, but not yet in EBAY by now. Maybe in 1 or 2 month later.

  • http://www.durashopping.com Guest

    I quit Ebay! Now Iam out for revenge! Lets stick it to them like the greedy sons of ####### did to us. I now have my own website where I sell Amazon products, that means I make money off other peoples auctions. Plus I can list all the products of my own that I want, (I do not have to list them with Amazon first) I just put them up on my website. I can also put all the affiliate links banners and digital products that I want on MY webpage and get paid for it. I have my own domain name so Iam building my own brand name and customer base. It was a turnkey website setup and ready to go when I started it, but with the online editor you get with it you dont need to know HTML or any programing to add your own products,banners, affiliate links, or digital products. I can change the site to look anyway I want its very easy to do. And I offer my costomers Free online games,news ,weather, sports and more. All for $20 a month. Why pay Ebays fees when you can have all of this and amazon will pay you to sell other peoples poducts along side yours , and you dont have to list anything on amazon if you dont want to? Go to my site Durashopping.com to see an example of this Website. I have modified the site(you will not get one just like it) to look the way I want, you can do the same very easy. If you also want to do this- just click the green banner at the top of the page.


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