eBay Censors Sellers Views

    February 5, 2008

eBay has changed the way it works with sellers and will prohibit them from leaving negative comments about customers.


eBay maintains issues were occurring that slowed down trade when buyers left unflattering comments about sellers who then hit back with their own comments. Beginning in May sellers will no longer be able to leave negative comments about buyers.

 Sellers are not happy with the move saying it leaves them unprotected from a problem customer and there is little they can do when a sale goes bad. They also point out a double standard because eBay allows buyers to leave negative comments about sellers.

eBay argues that problem buyers can be reported by the seller and that it will review the complaint and possibly remove the buyer. The company says the change is to "improve the overall customer experience."

Chris Norton writes on his blog," eBay is an online community, it’s a social site and once the community becomes one-sided, it becomes biased towards the buyer."

"I am all for customer relations but eBay’s customers are the sellers too and if this change means we get treated badly and abused further by small minded individuals looking for an easy discount – I think we may see eBay slip into decline."